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The script is pretty much complete. There may be another feature or two I think of down the line, but it does what a riftmapper needs to do. Click the button and let it do its thing.

The text file that your rifts are saved to is also easy to import into excel (using nine spaces as delimiters) if you want to get fancy.

Some of your settings WILL be changed as you start the script:

  • VT102 will be turned OFF
  • Colors will be turned ON
  • Your prompt will be switched to this: prompt $hhp $mm $vmv $gg
  • This alias will be added: alias regen rest & regenerate

Instructions on how to automate changing them back are included in the manual below.

Other important things:

  • Mob fights are bravely handled by trying to flee 3x and then casting rip to resume the rifting cycle. If you don't flee within three tries, it'll keep trying until you either flee, kill the mob and cast a rip after failed flee attempts, or die.
  • The script appends new rifts to the output file so you can stop and restart riftmapping whenever you want (as long as the output file isn't moved and REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE STARTING RIFT NUMBER IN THE BUTTON).
  • I'm 99% sure this doesn't work in VT102. If you feel like testing it and adapting it over, feel free!
  • The Psionicist's_Guild ring makes things a LOT faster, but isn't necessary. The script will automatically check if you're wearing one and adjust how you rest accordingly.
  • The script is currently set to cast feast when you're hungry. If you're a cleric multiclass, your food needs are all set. If not, one easy change is required.
  • The output file is saved to your Mudlet directory as "YourCharacterName_Rifts.txt"
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REMOVE CURSE! There's a decent chance you'll die at some point if you're not paying attention.
  • Breathe water helps for underwater rooms.
  • AUTO OFF unless you have a lot of faith in your nec to blast through tougher mobs. Auto Off gives you a little more opportunity to flee if you get attacked.
  • This script does NOT track your health. If you flee with 3 hp and make it out alive, it's still riftmapping time. Good luck.


  • First, open the script file in the link below and copy everything into notepad.
  • Save it as Riftmapper.trigger wherever you have easy access to it.
  • In Mudlet, load the character that you'd like to install the riftmapper on and click the Packages (exp.) button.
  • Click install new package on the bottom of the pop-up and open Riftmapper.trigger
  • After the script has been installed, you'll need to change a couple of things in the buttons/triggers:


Change "StartRift = 1" to whatever number you'd like to start mapping at.



Check Mana:

If you didn't multiclass to Cleric, you'll need to comment out the feast spell and add whatever food type you have in your inv. (have a lot of it if you plan to map for a while)

* Comments in Mudlet are signified by "--". Remove them from the eat and drink lines, change turkey to your food type, and comment out the feast line.

Example using turkey from Kytar:

    --send("c feast")
    send("eat turkey")
    send("drink water")





Uncomment whichever of the below lines are necessary. (To uncomment, remove the -- before send)
If you use a different prompt, enter your prompt settings in the super-obvious !YOUR PROMPT SETTINGS HERE! spot.

  --send("color off")
  --send("vt102 on")
  --send("prompt !YOUR PROMPT SETTINGS HERE!")
  • After the above steps have been completed, go to any room you can cast a rip in, make sure StartRift is set to the rift # you want to start at, and simply click the Rift Mapper button. The script will take it from there.
  • To stop the script, just click the Rift Mapper button a second time.

Please address any questions to Atari either in-game or through this site. Have fun!

(Template shamelessly stolen from Gloomy)



Old Versions


  • 1.1 - Updated to automate most or all of the setup so the end user can just click a button and go.
  • 1.0 - Initial script by Atari.

Future Features

  • Maybe health tracking to make sure you're above 80% or something like that in order to continue rifting. I'll be honest, I'm going to have to get pretty bored before I add that.