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  • Suggested levels: 5-25
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Anon
This is a dastardly realm of spiders ruled over by the Empress
known by the same name.
The following story has been intimated to travelers and has survived
as hearsay through a long lineage of monastic bards:

Legend has it that 3000 years ago, the Great King R'edips, ruler of the
ancient Kingdom of Neldoras, married a beautiful, young lady. The King was
a kind and generous man, and though he would grow no more righteous than
before, he gladly shared his wealth with the people, incurring many
sacrifices and living in a castle with less than 20 rooms.

His wife, the Queen of Neldoras, known in lore as Queen Autumn, did not
agree with the generosity of her mate. It was her belief that the King
should not spend his wealth on the people, rather that the people's
purpose was instead to increase the noble lot of their sovereign. King
R'edips dismissed the ideas of his beautiful Queen with the brashness of
youth and vigor and presumed that her ideas would fall into their correct
place with the passage of time and the benefit of experience.

But the noble King's prophesy failed to bear fruit. Instead, Queen Autumn
grew even more convinced of her position with each passing year. In
secret, she devised and executed a plan to have the King poisoned. But
heed! High above the small kingdom watched the ageless Lord Order and his
sage angels. Enraged by the Queen's actions, he turned her into a
spider-like creature so as to mimic the ghastly spiders which eat their

Filled with evil rage and tremendous anger, Queen Autumn drew an
alliance with the evil Spider Empress known as Arachnos. Together, they
spawned a million venomous spiders and dispatched them throughout the
Realm to attack the holy forces of Lord Order. Order, busy fighting the
celestial wars against Chaos, was prevented from stopping her advance for
some time. But when the neutral peace ensued and Order was free from
distraction, he dispatched the High Priest Ka'ar to punish Queen Autumn
for her trespasses and destroy her army of spiders.

Queen Autumn and her minions were no match for Ka'ar, a knight of heroic
repute and skill. Queen Autmun retreated into the depths of the Empress's
kingdom, Arachnos. Ka'ar followed with speed and conviction, but he was
forced to abandon his hunt after learning of the advancement of the
legions of Chaos. His skill was needed elsewhere, but before leaving, he
cast a powerful spell on the Spider Queen, imprisoning her in Arachnos
for the ensuing 3000 years.

Ka'ar, it is said, was slain in the horrible celestial wars but it is
rumored that the evil Spider Queen still lives in the prison of Arachnos,
swearing revenge and waiting for her opportunity to wreak havoc.
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