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Suggested levels: 50-95
Min/Max levels:  0-99
Rooms in area: 253
Creatures in area: 112
Players in area: 0
Authors of area: Grimace
The story of Atlantis is a sketchy one.  The historians of the mushroom
village claim that there is a minion of Lord Order who rules
the seas and holds the lives of those that take their existence from
the water depths in the palm of his mighty hand.  It is said that
to the north of the mushroom forest once lived an advanced race of
clever people.  Their technology led them to great achievement, so
great that they managed to offend their god along the way, and were
duly punished.  (see 'help piscyra')  This is where the stories
fragment into embellishment, but if you spend time on the eastern
continent, you may indeed hear tales of intrepid explorers who have
stumbled their way into a city of bright turquoise, full of wonder
and religious severity, and never returned...

How to get there

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