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Suggested levels: 26-36
Min/Max levels:  0-99
Rooms in area: 55
Creatures in area: 100
Players in area: 0
Authors of area: Grimace
As I was wandering the holy grove one day, seeking out a druid to help
with a nasty dwarven toe fungus that had been maligning me, I stumbled
into a strange void.  When I emerged, I found myself near Thalos, except
it wasn't the sere desecrated ruins that we know as Thalos, but a
verdant, lush Thalos, full of wonder and spectacle.  Surely this was
the Thalos of the past, but how?  As I explored the perimeter of the
great city, I came across a crossroads.  I turned north, smelling an
acrid odor from that direction, only to find myself at the bank of
a midnight-black stream, cutting across a place where all the trees had
been burned to the ground.  Across the stream and to the north sprouted a
huge crater, roughly 400 horseheads into the sky, the trees blown down
all around it in a radial pattern.  The light was growing dim, and the
stream ran deep, so I was forced to turn back, but I hope that I will one
day have a chance to explore this strange and wonderful place.  I have
heard stories of gemstones and minerals being harvested from just such
craters near the dwarven kingdom.

How to get there

  • You need detect invissible and detect hidden spells.
  • Go to Old Thalos.
  • Go outside east gate and go north until you get to crossroad.
  • Then go to north until path ends.
  • Get detect invisible and detect hidden spells on.
  • Path to the north appears (small hidden river).
  • Go North and you are at the Crater.
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