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  • Suggested levels: 75-95
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Rooms in area: 116
  • Authors of area: Hammer
Island of Paragon, is a classical battle between good/evil and
magic/anti-magic.  You must travel through the Hallways of the Magicless
Void in order to reach the magical island created and ruled by Queen Paragon.

The Story

Throughout the ages, Seflian and his men from the bowels of the earth
have waged war on the Island of Paragon.  In Seflian's last assault he was
very powerful and managed to cripple Queen Paragon by cutting out her eyes.
Seflian also managed to grab Saddie's crystal ball and smash it.  Both
Saddie and Queen Paragon have been weakened severly by this and will be VERY
happy to have their items returned.


The Bard knows of all the woes in the Island of Paragon, listen to
his prattle for the truths.  Listening is often a key to learn just what
people want, but you cannot always be silent.  Also something to know, King
Seflian deeply respects his Champion and Queen Paragon hates homies with all
her heart.


The Hallways are tough, be sure to bring lots of friends to help you
through.  If you wish to battle against those who hate magic, I'd suggest not
being of the magic using sort.  Same goes with the magical creatures past the
magical haven, if you do not use magic, these mobs will not be for you.
     For Order followers: if you come across a chaotic person or a person
wearing chaotic equipment, you shouldn't want the equipment.  Also the chaotic
people will be strengthened by your sense of order.

Tribute to the Great Players of MR

I have been around a long time and I coded this area so I should get a
little place to mention a few names that have made Mortal Realms an enjoyable
place.  I'm sure I'll be adding to the list and there are probably a few
I left out.
     Some of the oldies:
Calamir, Venom, Satan (and friends), Croaker, Tanis, Presto, Chaos, Order,
Chaste, Tanis, and Dumuzi.
     And some of the newbies:
Oni, Cray, Rina, Zima, Agnus, Catarine, Wintermute, and Cuervo.
     Special thanks to:
                        | Hammer salutes you! |

How to get there

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