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  • Suggested levels: 10-50
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Rooms in area: 91
  • Authors of area: MadMardigan
Juargan is a small village comprised of two conflicting forces. For
many years now the Duergar dwarves and the small dwarves have been fighting
for dictatorship of the mines. Since the death of their father King Zadrian,
Mathius, and his brother Grimdale have been fighting over who should be king
of Juargan.

***Area Updaters Note***
I updated this area with newbies to Mortal Realms in mind. The area was
originally just a simple, plain area with basically nothing in it. I added
a nice quest for players under and including level 40. There are also some
other nice items to check out, and a nice place to level. Please keep in
mind that the area uses several random programs, so be patient while talking
to the mobs, as they may take some time to say everything to you.

Enjoy, and Good Luck!
MadMardigan      12/11/99

How to get there

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