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Saurong is an old city comprised of a people sworn devotedly to King
Eliador.  Within the past several years the Kingdom of Saurong has been
under constant attack from outside warlords. The city has been strong
however, and they have fought off all of the evil oppressors. More
importantly, something drastic has happened to the King. His beautiful daughter,
the Princess of Saurong has been kidnapped. The King is in desperate need of a
hero to rescue her. You are his only hope.

The Kingdom of Saurong is located east of Medusa's Castle, and requires the
completion of a quest in order to enter. Pay particular attention
to the description on the large tree blocking your entrance into Saurong.
My only hint for this quest, is an item that you will need to get that is
located somewhere in Medusa's Castle.

How to get there


You hear shopkeepers announcing their wares.
You hear someone calling for the guards.
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