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  • Suggested levels: 65-95
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Daith Superdave
  Long ago, the small town of Midian thrived with life and beauty.  One day
however, a dark portal opened within the center of the city, opening a
gateway to another realm.  Within a few days, the life and beauty of the city
began to wither away.  Using all the powers available to him, the Arch Wizard
Col'linz created a magical flame which would burn for all eternity.  The light
of the flame protected the city from evil, and peace was returned to the fair
city.  A massive temple was constructed on top of the gateway, effectively
closing the portal to the Dark Realm.  Unfortunately, the Flame was stolen
by the minions of the Dark Realm, and buried beneath a dark fortress, unable
to shine it's holy light.  The city once again fell into depair, and awaits
brave heroes to destroy the evil, and return the Flame to the City.

How to get there

  • Go to "Top of the mountain" in Hartsvale, wait till you fall into the river (underwater area!), then go: n;e;w;s;2 e
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