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Suggested levels: 70-95
Min/Max levels:  0-99
Rooms in area: 106
Creatures in area: 76
Players in area: 0
Authors of area: Rem/Val
This as you can see is a joint area written based on monks as the title
of the area shown. This area was started at the urging of a good friend
of ours and basically it involves the apprenticeship into monkhood. Our
idea is no one is born a monk. One has to learn what it takes to be a monk
and meanings behind it. (If you explore this area closely, you will notice a
few "things" are a close parody of the eastern monastery found in the real
world. However, most ideas are obtain from our imagination. :) As for the
quests, you can only attempt them ONCE in your life time. If you fail, you'll
have to reincarnate again. Like any ambitious creators, we have a very long
and interesting storyline. We only hope that you, as the main character of
this story will enjoy this area. Have fun! :)
Story so far...

     "Time is but a name, a counter perhaps for mortals such as us.
What are years to us in the realms of the mortal? I know not of its true
meaning. Nevertheless I do know this; as tyranny rises, and so does the
champions. I'm just one of the many who comes when the oppressed needs
me and fades whenever peace resides. I require no name as I will not
wealth. So let me be free of name as a bird is free of cage."

                                - An nameless Hero.

  1. NEW FEATURES will be added into this area extensively in Zaar.
     Be warned that if these features seems annoying to you,
     DO NOT ENTER ZAAR! Enter Zaar at your own risk.
  2. All the mobs ARE NOT ENGLISH MAJORS, thus they speak broken
     English and spell incorrectly ALL THE TIME. This is just another
     new feature of the game. You can always opt not to understand
     what they are saying. The CHOICE is yours to make.
  3. Zaar Quests are not designed for anyone to complete it completely.
     This is due to the fact that some people may want certain eqs, thus
     they can choose to complete certain quests. ZAAR CREATORS NEVER SAID
  4. If you think the quest(s) are too hard, please take a deep breath
     and don't do the quest. It's either that or wimp Zaar eqs. And
     seriously, we(rem/val) are prepared to do the latter. Zaar WAS NEVER
     CREATED TO PLEASE EVERYONE! It is designed to have it's own unique
     features. That'z why it's called Zaar.
  5. Finally, Zaar is based on eastern type monastery, thus this can be
     reflected on the mobs' name. I hope this will explain the gramatical
     mistakes and spelling errors found in the mobs. I can assure you
     that the abbot is reading a dictionary earnestly as of now. Also,
     each and every mobs have a "My English is bad" in their
     long description to further emphasize this point.
  6. Since most quest don't give full clues, sometimes just use your brains
     and be creative. If you have not enuff intelligence then all we
     can say is God Bless You!
  7. For those of you who have FAILED or COMPLETED the quest
     you can only reset your quest bits once. All you have to do is
     walk into the entrance of the monastery. THIS WORKS ONLE ONCE!!

	Here comes the most boring part for you... :)

        Lead Actor/Actress ... YOU
        Directors          ... WE
        Screenplay         ... VT102
        Special effects    ... MR MOB_PROG/OBJ_PROG
        Special thanks to  ... Rukawa(for his merciless
whips and iron
                               boots.)  :
                           ... MRMUD (still the best
mud in town; though
                               people whine and complain about it.)
                           ... HKC Pte Ltd. (HK). Where
all good things
                               begin(c)(Tm)(Sm)(RA)(R). :

 NOTE: The creators, (Rem/Val) are not liable for the things done by players
       throughout the realms. These so called "things" include failing
       certain quests, bug abusing due to someone else's doing, tips, being
       stupid, unable to understand what mobs are trying to say, degree of
       difficulty of Zaar quest(s), got others and oneself killed in Zaar,
       false info provided by someone else or the creators, loss of personal
       belongings or gold in Zaar, bigot players, racist players, block
       area spells or other skills that makes players' life miserable in
       Zaar, and pure ignorance.

            Hope you enjoy this little area and thank you.
You hear the trees creaking in the wind.
You hear a loud and off key song start up throughout the inn.

How to get there

  • From Chakkor fountain:
    • 2n, w, n, w, 6n
    • travel w
    • travel w
    • travel w
    • travel s
    • n
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