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  • Suggested levels: 50-75
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Jaxom
Moonshae Islands

The Moonshae Islands are a small group of islands of the coast of
Waterdeep in the sea of swords.  They are inhabited by a people
called the Ffolk, who worship a goddess called the Earth Mother.
An evil walks the land in the form of the Darkwalker and help is
needed to destroy this monster.  The sea of swords can be reached
by traveling north and east from the white sand beach near Mushroom

    (a) Jaxom
    (b) Quests

Last updated August 26, 1998
Quests in Moonshae Islands

There are several quests starting in this area.  The first starts at King
Tristan and gives you the shining breastplate which is 13ac +6 damroll
and -5 save.  The other quests must be done after the first.  One starts
at Princess Dierdre and you get the shining mirror, an ac and save item.
The final quest starts at the king again and is for high level damage items.

How to get there

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