AREA:New Singase

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Suggested levels:  5-35
Min/Max levels:  0-99
Rooms in area: 90
Creatures in area: 174
Players in area: 0
Authors of area: Tazzy Pythos Brrr
The village of New Singase, like its predecessor, grew out of an old trading
post in the Valdemar region, but unlike its predecessor, came to be long after
the Order-Chaos wars.  They still value wisdom and cherish their philosophers.
The great wealth this village has acquired is shown quite abundantly in their
choice of pavement stones-gems of all kinds and values.  On a bright summer day,
it is nearly impossible to see beyond one's sandalled feet due to the glare and
glitter of the gemstone-paved avenues.  To learn from such as these magi, one
must be very careful as things are not always as they appear.

How to get there

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