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  • Suggested levels: 5-35
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Pythos Brrr Tazzy
The town of Old Singase sprung up from an old trading post in the Valdemar
region when travellers needed a place to rest while travelling through the
region. There was nothing around at the time and the distance to the coasts
was great and burdensome. As the explorers came in from far away places, they
invariably would be willing to trade items of great value just for a safe place
to lay their heads. Old Singase reached its zenith shortly before the
Order-Chaos wars which almost levelled Chakkor. These wars were so great that
they drug the finest men and women from across the realms, leaving behind the
more foolish, poorest to keep the towns alive. Being so far from the rest of
civilization, Singase, as it was called then, was hit especially hard. It became
almost a ghost town with its great and wise decimated and the explorers from
other towns and villages either being swallowed up in the wars or having to stay
behind to keep the local governing bodies from collapse. Since almost nobody was
coming in to trade, the wisest remaining among the Singase residents left for
greener pastures. What is left of the once thriving town is a nearly even split
of extremely poor and extremely wealthy, the wealthy getting their money by
inheritance rather than hard work. There are but five wise left among them, but
they are aging and will soon be gone as well with none to step up and replace
them. Nobody wants to replace them as they are looked down upon by the rest of
the town, but explorers invariably go to see them in the off chance they can
learn nuggets of Wisdom.

How to get there

  • Travel to Singase Plains in The Valdemar Region;
  • In the plains follow the Heavily Travelled Road to the north;
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