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  • Suggested levels: 30-95
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Lolo
The area is called Refuge Tribe. It is the first area I have ever made, so
comments are welcome and please finger lele for my e-mail address.  English is
my second language so don't tell me if you find some spelling errors or grammar
mistakes; I won't spend time to correct them. I think this area is pretty...
ahem... good.

The story

As mentioned by Hiho in his book, all the residents here are originally
refugees from the Kingdom of Dilemma. They fled because they were all
peace-loving people. After a thousand years of development, the tribe had
become one of the most advanced and populated cities in the realms. That caught
Chaos' attention and he sent out troops to destroy this peaceful city. However,
the military leader of the village, C. Slayer, with the help of Order, was
able to save the town from Chaos' troops of destruction. This time, Chaos
sent out yet another troop of minions who were determined to destroy the
whole city. If they should fail the mission, they would make sure the two
leaders of the town, Hiho and Slayer, were killed.

Now at this critical time, a hero walked through the gate.... YOU!! The
future of this city is now up to you. Can you save it?

How to get there

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