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  • Suggested levels: 20-99
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Rooms in area: 199
  • Authors of area: Blythe
The Kingdom of Tethyr is off the Sea of Swords, south of Waterdeep.
It encompasses the city Zazesspur and the Tethir Forest.  The forest of
Tethir is under a great threat and it is said that they need help in
defeating the threat.

There is one quest in Tethyr, to save Tethir Forest.
To start it look for the Captain in the Breaching Whale Tavern on the
Harbour.  The quest is best done solo, and it can be done easily with a
non-reincarnate.  (I know - I have done it :) The equipment it
yields is level 45, and is best done by the future wearer of the

How to get there

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