AREA:The North Pole

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  • Suggested levels: 0-99
  • Min/Max levels: 0-99
  • Authors of area: Superdave Minmay Andelisha
                   * * * T H E   N O R T H  P O L E * * *
HO HO HO!  This is an area made by Clan Christmas.  There are a few fun quests,
none of which are too difficult, so enjoy.
Well, maybe the one made by Andelisha is kinda tough....*PONDER*

Rooms, Mobs, layout by Kathy aka. Andelisha
Primary Quest/Mobprog Coding by SUPERDAVE
Other various Room descs by Clan Christmas members.

Version 2.4 Aug 8st, 1998

Midi Enhanced
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