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Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendours is a coastal town
on the Sword Coast north of Tethyr.  It is a city full of shops
that would cater to anyone's needs.  It hosts a branch of the
Griffon Bank and Travel.  The area contains 4 quests.

An Adventurer's guild token has been added to this area.

Area created by Blythe.

Last Updated 17th January 1998

     (a) Blythe
     (b) Waterdeep Quests
     (c) Waterdeep Temples and Faiths
The existing temples and faiths in Waterdeep are:

Temple of Mystra    - Illusionists and Necromancers
Temple of Cyric     - Rogues
Temple of Chauntea  - Elementalists
Temple of Bhaal     - Assassins
Waterdeep Barracks  - Priest of Tyr - Warriors/Rangers
Temple of Mielikki  - Rangers
Temple of Sune      - Monks

At any of these temples one can worship their faith, hone skills
and find out about magical areas such as Faerdale.
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