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  • 5th item on "victory" list is repeated 2 times
  • Pkilling bug, it is possible to attack any char with any char despite the level and if they are followers or not; Very nasty bug, not disclosing how it is done so it doesnt get exploited;
  • Stasis Castle is not on the maps of roads of realms
  • Necromancers skill vampyric touch has some spaces in description when failing:
XXXXXXXX's hand glows with dark      energy, but fails to strike The XXXXXXXX.
  • Some markings with coded message (referded in The Netherworld entrance "markings") are gone from chakkor necromancer tower library.
  • When catching crabs in Kingdom of Isles the spam message when you miss the crab is not full:
You lunge for a crab swimming in the tide pool but it
  • Party movement speed bug/trick
  • Clerics have no POSE command
  • Problems with cleric/monk guilds (for example in University)
  • "help roads" show "SL-City of Spam and Lag" instead of "City of Sarglam"