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You see nothing special about him.
Kilhwch is in perfect health.
Wizard Kilhwch is using:
   <Used as Light> A black flame (Glowing)
<Worn on L Finger> A black gold ring (Glowing)
<Worn on R Finger> A black silver ring (Glowing)
<Worn around Neck> A black gold symbol (Glowing)
<Worn around Neck> A black gold cloak (Glowing)
    <Worn on Body> A black gold breastplate (Glowing)
    <Worn on Head> A small throwing net
    <Worn on Legs> Black gold leggings (Glowing)
    <Worn on Feet> A pair of black gold sandals (Glowing)
   <Worn on Hands> The gauntlets of Gozai, the Titan
    <Worn on Arms> Xanthos Power Bracelet (Glowing) (Humming)
 <Worn about Body> The Mystic Drapings
<Worn about Waist> A black gold belt (Glowing)
 <Worn on L Wrist> A black silver bracelet (Glowing)
 <Worn on R Wrist> A black gold bracelet (Glowing)
         <Wielded> A flaming black staff (Glowing)
            <Held> A unique coin
           <Heart> A grey gold chain (Glowing)
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