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  • Difficulty level: Difficult
  • Elementalist spells
  • Primary attribute: Wisdom
  • The Elementalist has most of the miscellaneous spells, and advances slightly faster then an Illusionist.
  • The Elementalist has a few of each type of spell, as long as they are based on the elements of the 4 planes.
  • The Elementalist has the distinct advantage of being able to cast spells on creatures in an adjacent room.
  • The Elementalist can wield only clubs, staffs, and whips.
  • Max skill: 95%
  • Max exp: 455386401

The elementalist is one of the three greater schools of magic. From an early age they are taught how to reach past the boundaries of the prime physical plane and reach into the neighboring elemental planes. This gives the elementalist great power over their physical environment. They can summon forth stone to cover their bodies with impenetrable armour, conjure forth springs of refreshing water or fearsome fire elementals to do their bidding. Elementalists have so much control over their physical environment, they are not restricted to casting spells in their current room, they can range cast them into the surrounding area!

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