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|  DWARVES    Special skills: Enhanced Magical Resistance Indoors          |
|                                                                          |
|  Dwarves dwell in the mountainous areas of the realms.  They rarely      |
|  leave their underground complexes, content to mine the rich ores that   |
|  run through their mountains.  Maybe as a result of this lifestyle       |
|  their physical stature is perfectly suited to the underground. Dwarves  |
|  are much shorter than humans, though they are also wider across the     |
|  chest and much more thickly constructed.  Their hardy constitution      |
|  gives them an increased resistance to both wounds and poisons. As a     |
|  result of living underground, Dwarves are able to see in even the       |
|  darkest places, though their short stature and stocky build make them   |
|  among the slower races that walk the realms.                            |
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