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|  HALFLINGS    Special skills: Enhanced Notice                            |
|                                                                          |
|  Stout, round, open-minded and very elusive the Hobbit has a level       |
|  of dexterity which is only equal to his wit. Many enjoy the thrill of   |
|  reading a good book, or telling stories by the fire. Many halflings,    |
|  because of this, tend to avoid adventuring, though some rare Hobbits    |
|  choose the path of the Bard, or storyteller, for their keen intellect   |
|  serves them well. This intelligence, coupled by a surprising            |
|  determination makes them a curious (though somewhat underpowered)       |
|  ally. Halflings have compact bodies and thick, long limbs, and usually  |
|  have very hairy feet. Eye color range from blue, brown, green, and any  |
|  shade in between.                                                       |
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