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Everyone can edit this wiki, you have to register and then login.

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • Contact gloomy for more info, help, problems, etc.
  • You can also try writing stuff on my talk page.

Good luck (-;

Users / Contributors


Namespaces used in this wiki:

  • EQ (equipment)
  • MOB
  • KEY
  • AREA
  • CLAN
  • WAND
  • RACE

Equipment / Items

All eq and items should be attached to the right namespace. Most of items will go to namespace "EQ". The url part after namespace should be taken from identify text Simple steps how to add new item:

  • Open wiki page in your browser:
  • Identify item, for example:
a box of saving is type container, extra flags none.
Weight is 5, value is 10000, level is 60.
Wear locations:  Carry only.
  • Take the "a box of saving" form identify text and modify url to look like this: box of saving
  • .. and hit enter;
  • Press "Create" tab (a new editable window should open);
  • Use a skeleton page:
(...unmodieified text from identify goes here)
[[Category:Some area equipment]]


Currently pirority is low level (<40-50) newbie/lowbie quests Things you need to know in order to create/edit quest pages:

  • Quest page namespace is "QUEST:"
  • Every quest should go at least to one category called "Quests" (add [[Category:Quests]] at the end)
  • Almost every quest page have these 3 sections, that we usualy name headings after:
    • Information
    • Rewards
    • Walkthrough

So a skeleton quest page should look like this:

(...information from identify...)





Personal / Clan / Character pages

You can create/edit your character, player or clan pages.

  • Your personal (player) page is accessed by User:Yourloginname, for example: User:Gloomy;
    • You can create all pages in this namespace and link to them from anywhere;
  • Clan pages are accessible by a CLAN namespace, for exmaple: CLAN:Disturbed;