Psionicist's Guild

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  • The psionicist's guild is probably the most powerful of all the guilds, due to the nature of their abilities.
  • To join, you must be level 65.

The Psionicist's Guild Motto

The mind can do anything and everything,
time and space are ours to command,
life and death obey our laws,
superior intellect for superior power.

Once you enter the guild, you are trained to use your mind to cause all sorts of unusual things to happen. Accidents can cause serious damage to your being though, which is why the minimum level is 65. Your psionic ability is measured in psi-points, like magic is with mana. Some skills use more psi-points than others.


  • psi-check
  • gate
  • meditate
  • regenerate
  • storm
  • strike
  • wall