QUEST:A beautiful silver ring quest

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  • Area: Ofcol
  • Quest level: 1



  • Directions to start of quest: From Griffon in Ofcol go d,w,s,2e,4s,e,s,2w
  • Wait here until you see the following spam:
Telarin says 'Must we meet here, in a pig sty!?'
Telarin says 'Damn it.'

Salyn says 'M'Lord, one cannot be too careful....'

Telarin says 'Coward! Why did I ever pick you for this job.'
Telarin grumbles.
Telarin says 'Let's get on with business then.'
Telarin takes out a glowing bottle from his sleeves.
Telarin gives the bottle to the nervous looking fat man.
Telarin says 'Put that in Diana's food.'
Telarin says 'Do not fail me on such a simple mission!'
Telarin says 'You know what I like to do to failures...'
Telarin grins evilly at Salyn.
Telarin says 'Do you not, fat man!'

Salyn shiver contentedly.
Salyn says 'Yes, M'Lord, I would not fail you...'
Telarin grins evilly.
Telarin says 'You had better not, or you would end up like these pigs.'
Telarin says 'B A C O N!'
Telarin says 'No to mention what I would do to you fat wife!'
Telarin says '....... and your lovely daughter.'
Telarin says 'One last thing.. '

Salyn says 'Yes .. M'Lord...'

Telarin slaps Salyn on the face.

Salyn says 'Yes M'Lord.. yes.. my bad..'
Telarin says 'Darn humans!'
Telarin spits.
Telarin grins evilly.
Telarin says 'Diana you bitch, once you are dead, Ofcol will belong to'
Telarin says 'the mighty Drow Empire!'
Telarin laughs diabolically. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Telarin utters the word 'teleport'
Suddenly disappears into thin air!
  • 2e,n,w,4n (wait until...)
A fat man arrives suddenly.

Salyn says 'M'Lady. I brought you some food,'
Salyn says 'just my humble way of saying thanks'
Salyn says 'for taking care of this fine town.'
Marshall Diana says 'You should not have Salyn. It is my duty to'
Marshall Diana says 'protect this town.'
Marshall Diana smiles happily.
Marshall Diana says 'Are you alright Salyn, you dont look that good.'

Salyn says 'I am fine.'
Salyn says 'A bit tired maybe but I am fine.'

Marshall Diana says 'Are you sure, maybe you should go home and get some rest.'

Salyn says 'Wont you try those apple pie that me wife'
Salyn says 'made for you?'

Marshall Diana says 'You and Sunflower are so sweet.'
Marshall Diana smiles happily.
Marshall Diana says 'Very well than, I will have some of her pie.'
Marshall Diana says 'I am sure that it taste great.'
  • say stop
Marshall Diana says 'What!? Who are you!?'

You say 'It is poison! This PIG is trying to poison you!' (Said automatically)

The tip of the Holy Avenger turns black!
Marshall Diana says 'Salyn! Why!?'
Marshall Diana says 'Oh you son of a pig! After all I have done for you!'
Marshall Diana says 'You bring me this Death Pie!?!'

Salyn says 'No, do do dont kill me! I beg thee!'
Salyn says 'M'Lady, it is Telarin! He forced me!'
Salyn says 'He would kill me.. and and my family!!'
Salyn says 'if I dont do this!'

Marshall Diana says 'You could have come to me, but you did not!'
Marshall Diana says 'So does he pay you well, is that what this is all about!?'
Marshall Diana says 'Money!? You would sell hundreds of innocent people's life'
Marshall Diana says 'for money!!'

Salyn says 'I am wrong! I was not thinking! Please..'
Salyn says 'M'Lady! Forgive me!'

Marshall Diana says 'I can forgive you for trying to kill me.. or even killing me!'
Marshall Diana says 'But I cannot forgive you for risking the lives of hundreds!'
Marshall Diana says 'Just so you have more money to feed that already fat tummy'
Marshall Diana says 'of yours!'
Marshall Diana says 'Your crimes must be punished by death!'

Salyn says 'No.. M'Lady mercy.. mercy!!!!!!!'

Marshall Diana says 'I would not show one who has no mercy any mercy!'
Marshall Diana says 'You have just spoken your last words! Now, you must DIE!'
Marshall Diana slays Salyn in cold blood!
You hear Salyn's death cry.
Marshall Diana says 'Thank you for saving my life.'
Marshall Diana says 'Salyn is... I mean WAS a kind man... but he got greedy..'
Marshall Diana sighs loudly.
Marshall Diana says 'I dunno how to thank you.'
Marshall Diana says 'Please accept this ring, it was given to me by my mother.'
Marshall Diana says 'It's weight is 5, make sure you can carry it, when you'
Marshall Diana says 'are ready to accept this gift, say READY.'
  • say ready
Marshall Diana smiles at you.
Marshall Diana says 'Now if you will excuse me, I have to pay Telarin a visit.'
  • get ring
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