QUEST:A token of completion quest

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The stone statue is DEAD!!

The stone statue says 'You have done well XXXXXXXX.'
The stone statue says 'The obelisk outside the tower can help you'
The stone statue says 'find even greater challenges.'
The stone statue crumbles into a million fragments.
The stone statue hits the ground ... DEAD.
You get everything from corpse of The stone statue.
The Gods gives you 1 gold coins for corpse of The stone statue.
 A token of completion falls out onto the floor.
  • Take token and give it to one of recruiters. Two recruiters are couple of rooms above the statue.
You give a token of completion to The Recruiter of Order.
The Recruiter of Order says 'You're right. Here's a new token. Sorry.'
The Recruiter of Order gives you a token of completion.
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