QUEST:Archibald Scale quest

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The ballroom
E-door              S-door              W-The greenhouse
(White Aura) The great dragon Archibald is here.
Archibald sniffs sadly.
Archibald tells you 'can you perhaps help me with something?'
  • Say yes
You say 'yes'
Archibald tells you 'My lovely garden has been overgrown by weeds lately.'
Archibald tells you 'If you could go and destroy some of those weeds for me,'
Archibald tells you 'I will reward you handsomely.'
  • Return to the main garden (w open door s, open door, 4s).
  • After you kill 16 Overgrown Weeds you receive the following spam:
You have killed enough weeds for today, go see Archibald for your reward.
  • Return to Archibald. From safe square go 4n open north, n, e
  • Upon entering Archibald will spam you with:
Archibald says 'Thank you XXXXXXXX! You have helped clean my garden!'
Archibald gets a shining scale from a small box.
Archibald gives you a scale of the great dragon Archibald.
Archibald says 'Take this as a token of my gratitude.'
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