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  • Notes:
    • Must be level 20 or below;


  • a badge - Level 2, head, +1 WIS, +1 CON, +1 INT


  • Go to a "The Grunting Boar" bar in Midgaard
A bartender watches you calmly, while he skillfully mixes a drink.
the bartender says 'Hail stranger.'
The Bartender hands you a drink.
the bartender says 'Ever since Lord Lettkard of Chakkor decides to fund'
the bartender says 'the reconstruction of Midgaard City, I have seen so'
the bartender says 'many new faces.'
  • say why
You say 'why'
the bartender says 'You mean you do not know! Where have you been kid!?'
the bartender says 'Since the death of Lord Etsa'ml seven years ago, this'
the bartender says 'city had been under the authority of Lord Lettkard.'
the bartender says 'However, Lord Lettkard is a busy man, and the
the bartender says 'of Midgaard is a huge project, thus an election for a new'
the bartender says 'Lord of Midgaard City is currently held, and everyone is '
the bartender says 'allowed to participate. All you need to do is go to '
the bartender says 'Judge Jareth and register.'
The bartender smiles at you.
You say 'register'
Judge Jareth says 'Very well than XXXXXXXX. You are now regiatered.'
Judge Jareth says 'The rules of the election is simple. Ask the citizens of'
Judge Jareth says 'this fine city to vote you, and everytime they agree, you'
Judge Jareth says 'get a vote. When you think that you have enough votes.'
Judge Jareth says 'come to me and say CLEAR. To check the numbers of vote you'
Judge Jareth says 'have, come here and say VOTES.'
  • Now you need midgaard citizen votes
  • You need 3 votes to get the badge
  • You can see how many votes you have by say 'votes' to Judge Jareth
  • find the janitor
You say 'vote me'
the janitor says 'So, you want my vote to become the new mayor.'
The janitor sits down and thinks deeply.
the janitor says 'Ok, I'm hungry now. Go buy me a pie. Here's the'
the janitor says 'money and remember to give me the change.'
You give a big pot pie to the janitor.
The janitor smiles at you.
the janitor says 'You are indeed kind. Very well than, you have my vote.'
You say 'vote me'
The baker grumbles.
the baker says 'I thought you are a customer. So you want me to vote you eh.'
the baker says 'I can do that.'
The baker grins evilly.
the baker says 'But you will have to show me that you are qualified for'
the baker says 'the position.'
the baker says 'Answer this question and you pass.'
the baker says 'First question, What is the second smallest integer that'
the baker says 'gives a balance of one when divided by 6 and a balance'
the baker says 'of two when divided by 5?'
  • say 127
You say '127'
the baker says 'Good. I like people who can count. You have my vote.'
You say 'vote me'
Aod the Dealer says 'So you want to be the master of this city eh?'
Aod the Dealer says 'Let me see. Would you buy one of my products from'
Aod the Dealer says 'me?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Aod the Dealer says 'Cool....I have nothig else to sell now...'
Aod the Dealer says 'The only thing I have left to sell is this'
Aod the Dealer says 'rock. Would you buy it?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Aod the Dealer throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
  • note: -5k gold, +worthless rock
  • goto Judge Jareth and say clear
You say 'clear'
Judge Jareth says 'You have THREE votes. Most Impressive.'
Judge Jareth says 'However your competitor has four votes.'
Judge Jareth says 'Thus you lose. Anyways, since you are the'
Judge Jareth says 'one with the second most votes, please '
Judge Jareth says 'accept this token of gratitute.'
Judge Jareth gives you a badge.
Judge Jareth says 'Good luck on your future journeys.'

Four votes

  • Four votes dont get a badge, but might be some fun too :)
  • go to grubby in
Filthy is standing here all dirty and smelly.
Salyn begs you for help.
Salyn says 'Please help me. Please. I really need your help. Pleeeeeassse.'
Salyn sniffs sadly.
Salyn cries on your shoulder.
You feel a strong stench coming from him.
sYou puke ... chunks everywhere!
Salyn says 'Oh I'm sorry. Forgive my condition. But I really need your help.'
Salyn says 'Will you help me? I know that you are trying to be the new '
Salyn says 'master of this city. Help me and I will vote you.'
  • say ok
You say 'ok'
Salyn says 'Great. I need you to help me buy a wedding ring from the jeweller.'
Salyn says 'I'm poor as you see and can't afford to but it to propose to my'
Salyn says 'girlfriend Sunflower.'
Salyn sniffs sadly.
Salyn says 'Will you help me?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Salyn bounces around happily.
Salyn says 'Oh thank you my friend. I will wait for your good news.'
Salyn grins evilly.
  • buy 'A diamond wedding ring' from Jeweller and give it to Salyn
You give a diamond wedding ring to Salyn.
Salyn gasps in astonishment.
Salyn says 'I don't know what to say. You have done so much for'
Salyn says 'a filth like me. I'm really grateful for you. My'
Salyn says 'my what am I doing. I should be going to Sunny now'
Salyn says 'and propose to her. This is the happiest day I had'
Salyn says 'in my life. By the way, you got my vote.'
Salyn winks suggestively at you.
You feel sick standing so close to him.
You puke ... chunks everywhere!
You say 'votes'
Judge Jareth says 'You have four votes.'
Judge Jareth says 'If you wish to clear it, say CLEAR.'
  • say clear
You say 'clear'
Judge Jareth says 'All right. Let's see. You have FOUR votes. Impressive.'
Judge Jareth says 'Very Impressive. Let's see, your competitor has'
Judge Jareth says 'three short of you. Congratula....'
Daniel'goh says 'WAIT!'
Everyone in the room fell silent.
Daniel'goh says 'He CHEATED.'

Judge Jareth sits down and thinks deeply.
Judge Jareth says 'Daniel'goh, what proof do you have that he cheated?'
Judge Jareth says 'Please present the evidence if you have any.'

Daniel'goh says 'I have evidence. Here he is.'
Daniel'goh shouts 'Come foward Salyn!'
Salyn slowly walks into the square with his head down like a turtle.

Judge Jareth says 'Salyn, answer me truthfully, did he cheat?'

Salyn nods his head in approval.
Salyn says 'He threatened kill Sunny if I did not vote him.'

Daniel'goh smiles happily.
Judge Jareth says 'Alright. You broke the rules, you are now disqualified.'

Daniel'goh says 'I told you everything would be fine.'
Salyn says 'Thank you M'lord.'
Salyn hugs Daniel'goh tightly.
Daniel'goh says 'The hell are you doing!'
Daniel'goh says 'Never touch me you filthy scum. Now Get lost.'

Salyn says 'You..You...You....'
Salyn says 'After all I have done for you, this is what I get in'
Salyn says 'return?'

Daniel'goh says 'You're just a street rat. A pawn. Don't expect much from'
Daniel'goh says 'life.'
Salyn says 'Take this you jerk!'
Daniel'goh shouts 'Help! This treacherous scum is trying to kill me!!'

Salyn's punch scratches Daniel'goh.
Daniel'goh is slightly scratched.
Judge Jareth picks Salyn up and throws him on the ground HARD!.
Judge Jareth says 'How dare you attack the person who is going to be the'
Judge Jareth says 'Lord of Midgaard before my very eyes!'
Judge Jareth snarls angrily.

Salyn says 'So! What can you do! The most you'
Salyn says 'can do is to end my misery!'
Salyn spits on Daniel'goh.

Daniel'goh says 'What are you waiting for? Do your job Judge.'
Judge Jareth says 'Yes M'lord.'
Judge Jareth says 'Any last words before I execute you Salyn?'

Salyn says 'Daniel'goh, even in death I shall not'
Salyn says 'forget this day!'
Daniel'goh sits down and thinks deeply.

Salyn says 'You, Jareth are a very stupid man!'
Salyn says 'It will not be long before you suffer my fate!'

Salyn laughs diabolically. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Salyn says 'Even if I must die, I will die by my own hands!'
Salyn turns to dust.

Judge Jareth sits down and thinks deeply.
Daniel'goh laughs diabolically. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Daniel'goh says 'What a piece of human junk.'

Judge Jareth bows before Daniel'goh.
Judge Jareth says 'M'Lord, you have won the election. Now you will have'
Judge Jareth says 'to goto Chakkor and see Lord Lettkard.'

Daniel'goh laughs diabolically. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
Daniel'goh says 'Indeed. Indeed.'

Judge Jareth shrugs helplessly.
Judge Jareth says 'I have a really bad feeling about today.'
Judge Jareth says 'you are free to leave my young friend...'
Judge Jareth stares at the window and mumbles 'What would become of Midgaard..'
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