QUEST:Black mushroom crown quest

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  • From Center of The Mushroom Forest
  • Go North until you can not go north anymore
  • w u e n
  • Kill King Toadstool
  • Get a white mushroom crown
  • Go back to Center
  • Recite detects or pass door
  • Go Down. Open the Hole and go Down.
  • Keep moving around this area and going down UNTIL you reach the Throne Room.
  • Give the crown to the King and kill him.
You give a white mushroom crown to King Fungus.
King Fungus says 'Yes!  Victory is mine!  I will now take over the mushroom kingdom!'
King Fungus holds the crown in his hands and it turns black as night!
King Fungus wears a black mushroom crown on his head.
King Fungus laughs at you mercilessly. Hmmmmph.
King Fungus says 'I will now take my rightful throne!'
King Fungus orders his troops to Toadstool Castle.
The soldiers slaughter the helpless Toadstool royal family.
  • He drops the Black Mushroom Crown. Get it.
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