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  • Go to poor mans shop and buy a broken piece of equipment.
A poor citizen of the city walks about here.
a poor citizen says 'Looks like you bought some junk from that store.'
a poor citizen says 'He'll never get any good items if he doesn't start'
a poor citizen says 'turning a profit.'
a poor citizen says 'Well, I guess the least I can do is fix it for you.'
a poor citizen says 'I'll need some good glue if you can find some.'
a poor citizen says 'Just bring it to me when you do.'
You accidentally bump into the maintenance guy and the bust he was gluing falls to the floor.
.   /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
.  <  CCC  RRRR  AAAA   SSSS   H  H   !!  >
.  <  C    R  R  A  A   Ssss   HHHH   !!  >
.  <  C    RRR   AAAA      S   H  H   !!  >
.  <  CCC  R  R  A  A   SSSS   H  H   !!  >
.   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
the Palace Maintenance Man says 'DoH!'
The Palace Maintenance Man grumbles.
the Palace Maintenance Man says 'Get outta here you rotten kids! Here, fix it yourself! I quit!'
The Palace Maintenance Man gives you a tube of glue.
The maintenance guy stomps off.
  • Find poor citizen again
a poor citizen says 'Looks like you found some glue.'
a poor citizen says 'Give me the junk you bought and the glue.'
  • Give broken item and glue to the citizen
You give a broken piece of equipment to a poor citizen.
a poor citizen says 'Ok, now give me the glue.'
You give a tube of glue to a poor citizen.
a poor citizen says 'Ok, Here goes.'
The poor citizen glues a few of the pieces of the junk together and plays with it for a minute.
a poor citizen says 'Hey, good as new. Who woulda thought?'
A poor citizen gives you an unknown item.
You faintly hear someone nearby say 'murtnec' and the sliding of a wall.
  • Go to next room, and have detects on, there is a hidden small dark room you have to enter it
As you say the word 'murtnec', the wall slides open and you
find yourself in a hallway right before a small room.
Two voices emanate from inside. Better stay here.
From behind the doorway you can hear what sounds like two men arguing.

Man 1: 'I dunno..'
Man 2: 'You have to help! This is the only way we can rid'
Man 2: 'Rome of this tyranny.'

Man 1: 'But are you sure the only way to do th
is is murder Caesar?!'
You tumble back as you hear the words murder Caesar.

Man 2: 'What was that?'
Man 1: 'I don't know..'

Two guards emerge from the doorway and drag you into the room.
Inside the small room
W-Behind the slidin
Cassius is standing next to a small table.
Brutus is sitting at the table discussing plans.
Cassius says 'Hrmm.. What to do with you..'
Cassius says 'You must have heard our conversation.'
Cassius says 'Therefore you must befriend us or join Caesar in'
Cassius says 'the pits of Hell.'
Cassius says 'Are you going to join us?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Cassius says 'Good!'
Cassius says 'My name is Cassius and this man is Brutus.'
Brutus Nods to you.
Cassius says 'Now we must get you affiliated with Caesar.'
Cassius says 'You must earn his trust if you are to inflict'
Cassius says 'the killing blow on him.'
Cassius says 'Since Brutus knows him well, he will be able to'
Cassius says 'get you close enough to talk to him and hopefully'
Cassius says 'earn his friendship.'
Cassius says 'Brutus will tell Caesar you are coming.'
Brutus leaves the room and you are escorted out.
  • Find caesar in the palace
(White Aura) Caesar, emperor of Rome is here.
Caesar says 'Welcome. I'm guessing you're the foreigner Brutus'
Caesar says 'was talking about.'
Caesar says 'Before you talk to me, you must defeat three beasts'
Caesar says 'in the Coliseum just south of here. I enjoy a good'
Caesar says 'fight, and if you do well, I expect to see you back'
Caesar says 'here. I cannot be reduced to knowing anyone who'
Caesar says 'cannot defend themselves.'
Caesar says 'Now get going. I'll tell the arena master you're'
Caesar says 'going to be there to fight.'
The guards escort you out of the palace at a wave of Caesar's hand.
  • Go to Coliseum, and find Arena Master
The arena master is here working on his paperwork.
The arena master says 'Ah, you're the one Caesar told me about.'
The arena master says 'The arena is through here.'
The arena master shows you to the prep room.
  • east, kill tiger
Upon killing the tiger you are sent back to the arena master.
  • Go back to Caesar
(White Aura) Caesar, emperor of Rome is here.
Caesar says 'Ah, very good XXXXXXXX.'
Caesar says 'I would never have guessed you could put on such'
Caesar says 'a good show. You've definitely earned a bit of my'
Caesar says 'time, my friend. Please come back so we can talk'
Caesar says 'later.'
Caesar says 'I believe Brutus said he wanted a word with you.'
Caesar says 'He's should be around the palace somewhere.'
  • Find Brutus in north hallway
Brutus says Hey, Come here quick.
Brutus steps out of the shadows a little bit.
Brutus tells you 'Here's all you need to do. Go to Caesar and tell him'
Brutus tells you 'I would like to talk to you in private for a moment.'
Brutus tells you 'after he leads you away, wait for further instructions.'
As soon as he finishes his last words, Brutus steps back into the shadows.
  • go back to Caesar
(White Aura) Caesar, emperor of Rome is here.
Caesar says 'Welcome back XXXXXXXX.'
Caesar says 'I've been waiting for you to return.'
Caesar says 'There's a lot I'd like to talk to you about.'
  • say 'I would like to talk to you in private for a moment.'
You say 'I would like to talk to you in private for a moment.'
Caesar leads you down to a hallway and into a private room.
Caesar says 'Ok, we're alone.'
Caesar says 'Now what did you want to talk about?'
Brutus shouts 'KILL HIM NOW!'
Caesar gives you a confused look.
Caesar tells you 'You treacherous fool.'
  • (fighting Caesar)
Caesar says 'Et tu, XXXXXXXX?'
Caesar says 'I endow you with my bloodied garments so you'
Caesar says 'may not forget the injustice you have done'
Caesar says 'to all of Rome.'
Caesar gives you a bloody wristband.
Caesar gives you some bloody sleeves.
Caesar gives you a bloody light.
Caesar gives you some bloody gloves.
A guard arrives briskly.
Caesar stumbles, as his foot falls off.
You get everything from corpse of Caesar.
The Gods gives you 1 gold coins for corpse of Caesar.
The guard becomes instantly furious with what you've done.
A Guard shouts 'XXXXXXXX has killed Caesar!'
A Guard shouts 'he must never be allowed in the city again!'
You've been officially banned from the city.
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