QUEST:Blue Noble equipment quest

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  • Can't be good
  • Go to Valdemar
  • Go to Centre Square of Haven
  • 3u
The Queen says 'Welcome XXXXXXXX.'
The Queen says 'Would you like to become a student at one of our collegiums?'
  • Say Yes
You say 'yes'
The Queen says 'What would you like to be, XXXXXXXX?'
The Queen says 'A herald? A bard? A healer? Or a Court Noble?'
  • Say Noble
You say 'noble'
The Queen says 'Yes XXXXXXXX I can see you really do have the nature to '
The Queen says 'become one of the nobles of my court. First you need'
The Queen says 'to become a blue trainee.
  • Go to Dean (d w)
Dean Elcarth says 'So XXXXXXXX you want to become a noble of the court.'
Dean Elcarth says 'We need to teach you the ways of the Queens court.'
Dean Elcarth says 'What better way than to dine with the court!'
Dean Elcarth says 'Go and partake of a meal in the court dining room.'
  • Go to Dining Room (e e)
You sit down to the table to dine with the courts finest.
You enjoy the wonderfully cooked stuffed pheasant.
You relish the fruit pie with rich cream.
You savour the sweet fruitiness of the wine.
Excuse yourself.
Guess that wine was good.
Thankfully you do not shame yourself.
A court noble says 'You have the makings of a true court noble. XXXXXXXX.'
The court noble leans towards you so that only you can hear him.
A court noble tells you 'You really want to be one of us in the court?'
  • Say Yes
You say 'yes'
A court noble tells you 'We need to have someone murdered.'
A court noble tells you 'Herald Talia has been causing some problems for us.'
A court noble tells you 'She's thwarted a few too many of our plans.'
  • Go to Talia and kill her (3w 2n)
The death bell sounds hollowly for the death of a Herald.
Herald Talia shouts 'XXXXXXXX is a traitor to Valdemar.'
  • Return to the Court Noble (2s 3e)
A court noble tells you 'We have covered up your doing in the killing.'
A court noble tells you 'The Queen is none the wiser.'
A court noble says 'Best go see Dean Elcarth and see if you are done'
A court noble says 'with your training.'
  • Go to Dean Elcarth (w w)
Dean Elcarth says 'I hear you did not shame yourself in court, XXXXXXXX.'
Dean Elcarth says 'Go see the Queen and say to her that you are ready.'
  • Return to the Queen (e u)
  • Say Ready
You say 'ready'
The Queen says 'Well XXXXXXXX if you are now a noble of my court you should dress appropriately.'
The Queen gives you a full set of court wear.
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