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Part I - Entering the Lost Citadel

  1. ALL CREATE an alias: get key & say open.
  2. Kill the sentinel. As soon as he dies (or even before is recommended), starting hitting that alias.
  3. For the second sentinel there is a slight change. The Elementalist in your group must change his alias to: get key & say open & go north.
  4. The group leader should follow the Elementalist and then the group should kill the sentinel.
    1. As soon as it dies, the Elementalist must activate his alias. AND ONLY THE ELE
  5. Follow steps 4-5 again EXCEPT this time its the Illusionist
  6. Follow steps 4-5 again EXCEPT this time its the Necromancer
  7. Follow steps 2-3 again for the fifth sentinel
  8. Follow steps 2-3 again for the sixth sentinel (invisible)
  9. By now you should have entered the Citadel

Part II - The Tests

At this point of time the group will be split in four subgroups since the key-retrieval is class specific.

The way to get through the tests is for all classes the same. To get through the test do the following steps.

  1. Type 'enter' to enter the test
  2. Regroup
  3. Use the map command to see what way to move next, don't enter rooms without two exits.
  4. Take your time and walk carefully
  5. Kill all the mobs you meet on your way
  6. Last mob you kill will drop the required key
  7. Every person will need one key to move on into the quest NB!!!
    1. The necs(not only them ) might get jumped by 5-8 mobs on the last mob (this happens when mud hasnt been rebooted for too long and all mobs moved to the last room, so if you dont meet any mobs on the way this will indicate that you will meet them at the end, so BEWARE!!!!!).
    2. This is because of not perfect area code, and this happens when someone is farming keys no leaving the tests, after they leave all mobs respawn at the last room.
  8. When everyone has a key and you ready to move on have the key in your inventory, get pass door on
  9. Move north through the door and say exit
  10. You are now in the final part

Part III - The Slaying of Ma'ar

  1. Regroup all chars again now everyone is back together. Make sure the tank is NOT the leader.
  2. Have the leader hold one of the keys and type enter:
    1. fire
    2. water
    3. stone
    4. wind
  3. The wall to the north will burn down and move north
  4. After burning down four walls you will be in the room before Ma'ar
  5. Spell up and take a deep breath
  6. Have the tank move north and ATTACK ma'ar (if you wait you may be surprised by ma'ar and he will move you north and out of the quest
  7. Once the tank is fighting move the rest of the group in
  8. Well....bash his skull....
  9. Once he dies type rest and get all the stuff that drops
  10. Stand up and you will be forced north onto Patrokles Avenue
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