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  • Area: Abyssal Depths
  • Quest level: 47
  • Notes:
    • Bring an Elemantalist with rcast



Introduction - Air Duct Quest

From the fountain in Atlantis, quaff "Pass Door" (or equivalent) to enable you access to the entrance to Abyssal Depths.
Go d, n. To get to the Mechanical Room go n, n, d, d (all these rooms can have only two characters in them at a time).

Get the Pry Bar by going n, n, w, u, u, e, e, n, n, d, d to the Bottom of the Stack.
You need the "Fly" spell to enter the Small Alcove to the south.
The pry bar is on the floor in this room.

Return to the North End of the Mechanical Room. Go n, u, u, s, s, w, w, u, u, w.
To open the hatch, just say pry. This will move you into the Air Duct section of the area.
To leave this area and return to the Mechanical Room just do the following at any time: say pry, s, s.

The item you are searching for, the Dog Collar, is being worn by the Santa's Little Helper mob.
This mob cannot be summoned, nor can you enter the same room as it without it "zipping" out of the room immediately (and usually moving two rooms from you).
The trick is to use an Elementalist to range cast it. Santa's Little Helper is very simple to kill and will probably die as soon as the range cast spell hits home.
Get the dog collar from the corpse.
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