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  • Area: Festival
  • Quest Level: 45
  • Notes: You will need pass door
  • Directions to start of quest: Go north out of Chakkor until you reach the cross roads. From there go e e s s e.



The festival manager stands beside a large mahogany desk.
A festival visitor is wandering here.
The manager sighs loudly.
The manager lowers his head and mutters to himself
The manager says 'When my father left me this festival I had'
The manager says 'no idea the problems I was in for.'
  • say problems
You say 'problems'
The manager raises his head and looks at XXXXXXXX
The manager says 'What are my problems?  What problems don't I'
The manager says 'have would be a better question.'
The manager sighs loudly.
The manager says 'I have an illusionist that thinks he owns'
The manager says 'the House of Mirrors, a ghost that couldn't'
The manager says 'maintain a uniform if his life depended on'
The manager says 'it and then there are my finances.'
The manager says 'I could really use some help.'
The manager says 'You think you are up to the task?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
The manager says 'I guess we'll just take one step at a time.'
The manager says 'Would you like to hear about the ghost, the'
The manager says 'illusionist or my finances?'
  • say illusionist
You say 'illusionist'
The manager says 'There is an illusionist who has set himself up'
The manager says 'in the House of Mirrors.  I have tried sending'
The manager says 'people in to remove him but they haven't been'
The manager says 'able to get to him.  I even tried those guys'
The manager says 'from Hero for Hire.  All they did was run like'
The manager says 'cowards.  If you could get rid of him for me'
The manager says 'I'd appreciate it.'
  • say ghost
You say 'ghost'
The manager says 'One of my employees, the one who plays the'
The manager says 'ghost in the Haunted House, has a problem with'
The manager says 'his costume.  Every day he shows up for work in'
The manager says 'sheets that are filthy and full of holes.  I've'
The manager says 'sent his sheets to Lottie's in Chakkor to get'
The manager says 'them cleaned.  I've given him every sheet I'
The manager says 'could find but still he comes to work in dirty'
The manager says 'sheets.  Maybe you could talk to him and see'
The manager says 'if you can take care of the problem.'
  • say finances
You say 'finances'
The manager says 'The carnival is having serious financial'
The manager says 'problems.  The Old Trusty Bank of Refuge Tribe'
The manager says 'has threatened foreclosure.  My last chance to'
The manager says 'appease them is to show them that the festival'
The manager says 'donates time and resources to the local area.'
The manager says 'Somewhere I had a letter from the Dwarven Day'
The manager says 'Care thanking us for giving them a reduced'
The manager says 'rate one day each year.  If I could find that'
The manager says 'letter maybe I could get the bank off my back.'
  • Go w w and buy a few haunted house tickets, and a few House of Mirror tickets
  • Enter the haunted house and find the ghost.
A festival employee covered in a dirty sheet stands here.
The ghost raises his arms and waves them as he paces back and forth.BooOOooOO!!
The ghost says 'The manager said you might be coming to see me.'
The ghost says 'I don't know what his problem is.  I do my best to'
The ghost says 'keep my stuff clean.  You know how hard it is to...'
The ghost reaches into his sheet and pulls out a sandwich.The ghost takes a large bite out of the biggest sandwich you've ever seen.
The ghost says 'Sorry aboutthat.  Scaring people is hungry work.'
The ghost says 'Anyway, you know how hard it is to keep sheets clean'
The ghost says 'around here?  Well let me tell you, it is impossible.'
As you listen to him speak you notice a blob of mustard on his chin.
The mustard falls and lands on his sheet.
The ghost sighs loudly.
The ghost says 'This place is so dirty.  If that manager would get me a sheet'
The ghost says 'that didn't attract dust so much I'd be fine.  Oh well, it'
The ghost says 'just isn't meant to be.  Go away and leave me alone.  The '
The ghost says 'manager is just going to have to get used to the fact that not'
The ghost says 'all ghosts wear sparkling white sheets.'
  • Find the house of Mirrors and enter (e, s, 10 w, 8s, e)

The house of mirrors is actually a small maze. To proceed, you need to guess the right directions.

  • You will also need to kill the illusionist's pet after each correct guess.
  • say south
  • ..south
  • ..east
  • ..south
  • ..east
  • ..east
  • ..north
  • ..east
  • ..north
Go north to Maracales

Maracales the Illusionist lies in a small cot.
Maracales says 'The foolish manager has sent more mortals to try to make me'
Maracales says 'leave?  When will he learn?'
Maracales look at XXXXXXXX
Maracales says 'Somehow you seem different.  Perhaps you might be of use to'
Maracales says 'me.  I offer you a choice.  I have a task I must complete'
Maracales says 'before I leave this place.  You can either help me with this'
Maracales says 'or I can banish you from my presence as I have so many before.'
Maracales says 'Which will you be?  Friend or foe?'
  • say friend
Maracales says 'Good, let me tell you of how I came to be here.'
Maracales says 'Long ago I came to this festival in search of steady work.'
Maracales says 'This was as close as I could be to my beautiful wife and still'
Maracales says 'provide for her.  The festival manager gave me a job.  He paid'
Maracales says 'me room, board, and a small amount of money that I sent home'
Maracales says 'to my wife.  I did not have the money to visit her often.  He'
Maracales says 'seemed to like the idea that I could not leave.'
Maracales coughs loudly.
When Maracales coughs you notice several droplets of blood spatter on the sheet.
The sheet instantly absorbs the drops and is as clean as ever.
Maracales says 'One day I received word she was ill and I went to him and told'
Maracales says 'him I would be leaving to be with her.  Instead, he had her'
Maracales says 'brought to the festival to live and had his doctors help her.'
Maracales says 'The doctors couldn't help and one day her torment was ended.'
Maracales says 'I rushed to be with her but when I arrived at our tent I was'
Maracales says 'shocked to find that her body had been removed.  The manager'
Maracales says 'thought I would take this opportunity to leave and he used her'
Maracales says 'body to prevent it.  He underestimated my powers and my love'
Maracales says 'for my wife.  I vowed to find my wife's body and return it'
Maracales says 'home to be buried.  I took up residence in this building and'
Maracales says 'from here I use magic to search for her body.  Unfortunately,'
Maracales says 'I am unable to leave this building and that is where you can'
Maracales says 'help me.  I acquired a key that allows access to my wife's'
Maracales says 'resting place.  I do not know where that is but if you can'
Maracales says 'find and bring her to me I would gladly leave this prison.'
Maracales says 'Please hurry, this nightmare must end.'
Maracales says 'Farewell XXXXXXXX'
Maracales gives you A small skeleton key.
  • Enter the haunted house again and take the path to the north
  • Give the key to the repairman
You give A small skeleton key to The festival repairman.
The festival repairman says 'Where did you get this key?'
The festival repairman says 'Never mind, it doesn't matter.'
The festival repairman says 'This is the key I've been looking for.'
The festival repairman says 'Now watch this.'
The repairman puts the key in the lock and turns.
The crypt opens and you see a wax carving of a beautiful woman.
The festival repairman says 'That is so beautiful.'
The festival repairman says 'It chokes me up every time I see it.'
The festival repairman says 'Oh well, I need to get back to work.'
The repairman closes the crypt, locks the mechanism and hurries from the room.
A small key falls from the repairman's pocket as he leaves the room.
The festival repairman drops A small skeleton key.
  • Get key, unlock crypt, open crypt, get wax crypt
  • Return to the house of mirrors
  • Give wax Maracales
You give a wax carving of the body of a beautiful woman to Maracales.
Maracales gasps in astonishment.
Maracales springs from the cot, throwing the sparkling white
Sheet to the floor.
Maracales shouts 'I can't believe you did it!'
Maracales says 'I mean I hoped you would but I never dreamed.'
Maracales says 'At last I can take my one true love to her home.'
Maracales drops the whitest sheet you have ever seen.
Maracales says 'I can't thank you enough for returning my wife.'
Maracales says 'Now, as we agreed I shall leave this horrid place.'
Maracales searches his pockets until he finds a small key.
He unlocks the door to the north, opens it and runs through.
The door key falls to the floor as he leaves the room.
Maracales drops A wavering key.
  • Get everything in the room
  • Return to the ghost and give him the sheet
You give the whitest sheet you have ever seen to The ghost.
The ghost says 'Wow!'
The ghost says 'Thanks!'
The ghost says 'This is that crazy illusionist's sheet isn't it?'
The ghost says 'The one in the House of Mirrors.  I've seen it in his tent.'
The ghost says 'He once told me that it is stain proof and mends itself.  He'
The ghost says 'said it was a gift from his wife.  Apparently with him being'
The ghost says 'away from home she thought it would be great if he never had'
The ghost says 'to worry about fresh linens.  It is really great that he'
The ghost says 'would give this to me.  I'll have a clean costume from now on.'
  • Return to the manager
The festival manager stands beside a large mahogany desk.
The manager says 'My employee tells me he is very happy'
The manager says 'with the sheet you gave him.'
The manager says 'Thank you very much.'
The manager says 'Good job getting rid of the Illusionist.'
The manager says 'Who would have believed he would fall in'
The manager says 'love with a wax statue.'
The manager says 'Shouldn't you be out getting some of'
The manager says 'those projects done?'
  • Find the bearded lady
  • The Bearded Lady says 'I wish I hadn't left my mirror in my tent.'
  • Go w 7s 5e 3n (quaff passdoor) n
  • Get the mirror out of the dresser. Return to the bearded lady and give her the mirror.
You give an expensive looking mirror to The Bearded Lady.
The Bearded Lady says 'Hey, you've been in my... Oh, it is you.'
The Bearded Lady says 'Word has gotten around that you are helping'
The Bearded Lady says 'the manager.  Even so, it isn't nice to go'
The Bearded Lady says 'into a person's tent.  I guess I can overlook'
The Bearded Lady says 'it this time.'
The Bearded Lady says 'Here, take this, The manager wanted me to give'
The Bearded Lady says 'this to you if I saw you.'
The Bearded Lady gives you A small key.
The Bearded Lady runs her finger across her chin.
  • Enter the haunted house one last time
  • Go to the room before the ghost
  • say yes
  • Get the letter from the table
  • Return to manager and give him the letter
You give A letter from the Dwarven Day Care to The manager.
The manager begins to read over the letter.
The manager says 'Thank you so much.'
The manager says 'Maybe this will be enough for the banker.'
The manager says 'I'll have it rushed to him immediately.'
The manager shouts 'Sarah! Send in the courier.'
A short man comes running into the room.
The manager leans down and gives some instructions to the courier.
The manager gives the letter to the courier and hurries him from the room.
The manager says 'Thanks again for finding that letter.'
The manager says 'You should probably get back to work.'
  • go w e
The festival manager stands beside a large mahogany desk.
The manager says 'Come with me.'
The manager says 'I found something for you earlier.'
The manager grabs some items from the safe and takes
You into a small room in the back of his office.
The manager says 'There is a young lady that works in the ticket booth.'
The manager says 'She is quite the artist.'
The manager says 'She took items dropped by the animals in the exhibits'
The manager says 'From them she made these things.'
The manager says 'She took them to Verona and had them enchanted so they'
The manager says 'would be as powerful as they are beautiful.'
The manager says 'I think she would agree that you have earned them.'
The manager gives you The Ring of the Phoenix.
The manager gives you The Crown of the Unicorn.
The manager gives you A Cloak of Alligator Scales. 
The manager gives you The Belt of the Python.
The manager gives you The Axe of Hunting.
The manager says 'When you are ready to leave let me know.'
The manager says 'Just say leave but you won't be able to come back here'
The manager says 'so make sure you get everything.'
The manager says 'Thank you for finishing up those tasks.'
The manager says 'Things are sure to be better around here from now on.'
  • say leave
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