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  • Notes:
    • The room that you fight in is a private room and only allows one person in at a time. The best way to overcome this problem is to take a cleric into the room and quit. Then bring the character you want to do the quest into the room. Relog in the cleric and group and kill the man.
    • The person that gets the last hit must say "girdle" to Ishek.



  • Go to Ruins of Sharthea.
  • Keep going North until you can not go anymore.
  • Go South and Travel East. Keep traveling in a North/East direction until you get to the Armor Shop.
  • Either pick the door or use a pass door and enter the Shop.
Ishek tells you 'Welcome. It's about time someone showed up in this city.'
Ishek tells you 'Tell me if you need anything.'
  • Say sahr, say revenge, say yes, say accept.
You say 'sahr'
Ishek says 'The fool thought he could control the demons that now haunt'
Ishek says 'the city. He is the reason I have not left the city as the'
Ishek says 'other survivors have: I will have my revenge upon him.'

You say 'revenge'
Ishek smiles wryly.
Ishek shakes his head.
Ishek says 'Unfortunately, I am unable to personally bring him to justice.'
Ishek says 'However, I do have the means to reach his hiding place...'
Ishek says 'I know that it is much to ask, but would you be willing to aid'
Ishek says 'me in this?'

You say 'yes'
Ishek nods his head in approval.
Ishek says 'I have done some studying of Sahr's magic. He resides in a'
Ishek says 'dimensional pocket that he created for himself. When you are'
Ishek says 'ready, accept and I will transport you there.'

You say 'accept'
Ishek says 'You have my gratitude.'
You feel the fabric of time and space tear apart.
  • South West West South West North North Up.
(White Aura) An old man sits at his desk, contemplating some papers.
Endrek Sahr looks up from his writing.
Endrek Sahr tells you 'What is it that you want?'
  • Kill the man you find there.
  • Down South East North.
  • Say return.
You say 'return'
You feel the fabric of time and space tear apart.
The Armor Shop
  • Say girdle
You say 'girdle'
Ishek nods his head in approval.
Ishek says 'Yes, I do possess a magical girdle. In return for the'
Ishek says 'service you have performed for me, it is yours.'
Ishek stops using the girdle of the giants.
Ishek gives you the girdle of the giants.
Ishek bows deeply flourishing his cape.
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