QUEST:Glathkar the Drinker quest

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  • Area: Tower of Training
  • Quest Level: 5
  • Notes: Once you reach level 11 you cannot enter the Tower of Training to complete this quest.



  • In the Advanced Hall of Combat, find The chief minion
  • Say 'grey lord'
  • Say 'tower'
  • Say 'help'
  • Say 'give'
  • The chief minion will give you a Charred Force Key. Travel down the Tower of Training as far as you can, and then go south. You need to talk with The Grey Lord... the responses are as follows:
  • Say 'aid'
  • Say 'conceal'
  • Next, travel back up the Tower of Training, and kill The gargoyle (in the Force Cage near the top). You will get the stone from it's corpse.
  • Travel all the way back down (and south) to The Grey Lord, and give him the stone.
You give a stone to The Grey Lord.
The Grey Lord says 'At last!'
The Grey Lord utters the words 'dsepmlg'.
The Stone of Concealment begins to glow brightly!
The Grey Lord says 'Hurry!'
The Grey Lord says 'Since they cannot detect my presence it will'
The Grey Lord says 'be simple to instigate a fight.'
The Grey Lord says 'Tell either of the recruiters that:'
The Grey Lord says '"The other recruiter set the grey lord free"'
The Grey Lord says 'Return afterward and I will REWARD you handsomely.'
  • He will tell you the next response to say to one of the Recruiters. Travel up the Tower of Training to the Recruiters, and tell one of them:
  • say 'The other recruiter set the grey lord free'
You say 'The other recruiter set the grey lord free'
The Recruiter of Chaos gasps in astonishment.
The Recruiter of Chaos says 'Thank you for the information.'
The Recruiter of Chaos says 'Come and watch me slay the traitor if you wish.'
The Recruiter of Chaos rushes off to the west.
The Recruiter of Chaos shouts 'Cur of Order! You broke the pact!'
  • The Recruiters will start fighting each other (thankfully you will not be involved). To complete the quest, return to the Grey Lord and tell him:
The Grey Lord throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
The Grey Lord says 'Thank you for your help with the recruiters.'
  • say 'reward'
  • He will give you Glathkar the Drinker (which is actually a dagger). And you will automatically give him the charred force key.
You say 'reward'
The Grey Lord says 'I am happy enough now to last another 1000 years of this'
The Grey Lord says 'torture. Let me reward you by giving you this rune dagger.'
The Grey Lord says 'It is weak, but will help to keep you safe from harm.'
The Grey Lord gives you Glathkar the Drinker.
The Grey Lord says 'Now leave me to my torment.'
You give a charred force key to The Grey Lord.
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