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Some other trash in area:


Lottie stands here, behind the serving counter.
Lottie says 'Oh dear,'
Lottie says 'I don't have enough supplies for the week!'
  • say list
You say 'list'
Lottie gives you A Grocery List.
Lottie says 'Here take this to the Gardener in the gardens...'
Lottie says 'and tell him I sent you.'
  • look list
Lottie's Grocery List
A. Some Kernels
B. A Watery Gourd
C. Some Sunflower Seeds
You say 'lottie sent me'
The Gardener says 'She must be wanting her stock of supplies now?'
The Gardener says 'Ok well lets see the List.'
  • give list gardener
You give A Grocery List to The Gardener.
The Gardener says 'Hmmmmmm...'
The Gardener says 'These are not easy items to get this time of year.'
The Gardener says 'Why don't you go talk to one of the Apprentice Druids about
the Kernels...'
The Gardener says 'why I try to track down where to find a watery gourd.'
You say 'kernels'
A Druid Apprentice says 'Kernels you say..?'
A Druid Apprentice frowns.
A Druid Apprentice says 'I don't have any off hand right now.'
A Druid Apprentice snaps its fingers.
A Druid Apprentice smiles happily.
A Druid Apprentice says 'But why don't you go talk to the Elder Druidess in the
Holy Grove!'
A Druid Apprentice says 'I'm sure she would have some.'
  • go to Holy Grove, find elder druidess
  • say kernels
You say 'kernels'
an elder druidess says 'Why yes we have a steady supply!'
an elder druidess says 'Why don't you go look in the kitchen!'
You give some small yellow kernels to The Gardener.
The Gardener tells you 'Excellent!'
The Gardener tells you 'I have tracked down where you might find a Water
The Gardener tells you 'Talk to one of the residents in the Plains of Fear.'
The Gardener tells you 'Ask them about the Gourd.'
You say 'gourd'
a human resident shouts 'HELP...! XXXXXXXX is trying to steal my gourd!'
You give a water gourd to The Gardener.
The Gardener says 'Wonderful, but we are still lacking the sunflower seeds!'
The Gardener says 'I do have but one magical seed left that can grow a
sunflower plant.'
The Gardener says 'But it needs to be planted and watered in order for it to
The Gardener says 'And I do not have the time to tend to my vegetable garden.'
The Gardener gives you A Magical Seed.
The Gardener says 'With the right tool, and a little patience maybe you can get
it to grow?'
  • buy tool
  • buy watering pot
  • go to dried garden, south/west corner
  • type: dig
You dig around some and create a small hole!
  • put seed hole
You put A Magical Seed in a hole.

The Magical seed begins to quiver a bit!
  • type: water
You poor some water on the ground here!
The Sunflower Plant begins waves in the breeze!
The Sunflower Plant sheds all of it seeds!
The Sunflower Plant wilts away and dies!
You see some white and black seeds on the ground here.
  • get seeds
  • give seeds to gardener
You give Sunflower Seeds to The Gardener.
The Gardener says 'Good Job..!'
The Gardener says 'All you have to do is deliver this grocery bag to Lottie
The Gardener gives you A Grocery Bag.
  • give bag to lottie
You give A Grocery Bag to Lottie.
Lottie says 'Oh Thank You very much!'
Lottie says 'Here take this voucher to the Gardener as proof of Payment!'
Lottie grabs a quill and some parchment!
Lottie writes something down on it!
Lottie gives you A Grocery Voucher.
You give A Grocery Voucher to The Gardener.
The Gardener says 'Thank You for your services!'
The Gardener says 'Here is your payment as a reward!'
The Gardener gives you Gardeners Gloves.
The Gardener gives you A Greenthumbs Ring.
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