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  • Notes:
    • The equipment regenerates hit points even when it is in inventory.
    • Need detects



Brianna of Hartwick says 'Welcome to my court XXXXXXXX.'
Brianna of Hartwick says 'I'm sorry you have not come at a happier time.  '
Brianna of Hartwick says 'I am trying to find a traitor among us.  '
Brianna of Hartwick says 'If we don't find the traitor, '
Brianna of Hartwick says 'I will be taken to Twilight Vale'
Brianna of Hartwick says 'against my will.  Will you help me find the traitor?'
Brianna of Hartwick looks at you enquiringly.
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Brianna of Hartwick says 'Go see Basil the Veeberg.'
Brianna of Hartwick says 'He will tell you something that may help you.'
  • up
Basil the Verbeeg says 'Ahhhh, XXXXXXXX, Queen Brianna has sent you?'
Basil the Verbeeg says 'Go find Tavis Burdun, Lord Scout, he has some rune '
Basil the Verbeeg says 'arrows that I have made that you can use when killing '
Basil the Verbeeg says 'the traitor. '

Basil the Verbeeg says 'Do you need any runes drawn?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Basil the Verbeeg says 'Well I have a few runes available to you for a price.'
 [Lv Price ] Item
 [60     141 ] A rune bark.
 [60     188 ] A rune leaf.
 [60     294 ] A rune stick.
  • Put on Detect Invisible/Hidden, find Tavis Burdun. Say 'Help'
You say 'help'
Tavis Burdun reaches back and gets an arrow from his quiver.
Tavis Burdun gives you the Rune arrow.
Tavis Burdun says 'XXXXXXXX, this is a rune arrow that Basil the Verbeeg has made.'
Tavis Burdun says 'It is explosive and may help you kill the traitor.'
Tavis Burdun says 'To activate it you have to think BASILISWISE.'
Tavis Burdun says 'I have sent my charge Avner to find out who the traitor is.'
Avner the thief says 'Hey XXXXXXXX, Tavis says you're helping him and the Queen?'
  • say yes
You say 'yes'
Avner the thief says 'I've figured out who the traitor is.  '
Avner the thief says 'Its Prince Arlien of Gilthwit!!!!'
Avner the thief says 'Go kill him, XXXXXXXX!'
Prince Arlien of Gilthwit says 'So! That little rat Avner is telling tales?  '
Prince Arlien of Gilthwit says 'Well I will get Brianna to Twilight Vale.'
  • Hold the Rune Arrow. Type: 'basiliswise'
You shiver at the thought of fighting him.
You shout 'Basil is Wise!'
Julien and Arno is DEAD!!
Julien and Arno shouts 'I have failed you my Titan!'
The Titan of Twilight shouts 'NO! You have killed my faithful servant.  I shall avenge him.'
  • Get all items
  • Return to the Queen
Brianna of Hartwick says 'Welcome XXXXXXXX,'
Brianna of Hartwick says 'I knight thee Lord XXXXXXXX of Hartsvale '
Brianna of Hartwick says 'for your great service to the crown!'
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