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A strange man is standing here.
A strange man says 'Hello there stranger!'
  • say hello
You say 'Hello'
A strange man says 'It is nice to see such friendly people around here.'
A strange man says 'I just wandered into this small village not to long ago.'
A strange man says 'I was looking for someone to trade with.'
  • say trade
You say 'Trade'
A strange man says 'Yes, I am very hungry and have no food nor money.'
A strange man says 'All I have to trade with are these magic beans.'
  • say beans
A strange man says 'Yes, they are supposed to be magical beans.'
A strange man says 'But I havent found any use for them.'
A strange man says 'I noticed a shop near here, but I have no money.'
A strange man says 'If you would buy me one of the two food items he sells'
A strange man says 'I would be happy to give you these beans.'
  • Go to Tentacle Tim and buy some food.
  • Return to the strange man and give him the food. He will give you the beans.
A strange man is standing here.
A strange man says 'Hello there!  I see you have some food!'
You give a fried gerbil to A strange man.
A strange man says 'Thank you very much.'
The strange man scarfs down the food.
A strange man says 'Here are the beans I promised you.'
A strange man gives you A small handfull of beans.
A strange man says 'I must go now. Thanks again.'
With a blink of an eye, the strange man is gone.
  • Go to the garden, located along the southern wall
  • When you enter the first gardener will say..
A gardener is here working his crops.
A gardener says 'What strange beans you have! If you had a hoe'
A gardener says 'you could maybe plant them in this magical garden!'
  • Say Hoe
You say 'Hoe'
A gardener says 'Yes, a hoe.  Ask around in the shops.'
A gardener says 'Perhaps someone can sell or give you one.'
  • Go to Veronica's Sex Shop
  • Say Hoe
You say 'hoe'
Veronica says 'Ho?  Who you calling a ho?'
You say 'I said hoe!  H O E, hoe!'
Veronica says 'Oh!  I thought you were calling me an H O ho!'
Veronica says 'I just happen to have one on me hehe.'
Veronica says 'But you have to buy it from me!'
  • Buy hoe
  • Return to the garden and look for a place to plant the beans. One of the room descriptions says, "something isn't quite right about this room, the plants here are all overgrown. This is where you want to plant the beans.
  • Hold hoe, type hoe
>hold hoe
You wield a dirty hoe.
XXXXXXXX hoes the ground and makes a nice little hole for planting.
  • Hold beans, type plant
>hold beans
You hold A small handfull of beans in your hands.
XXXXXXXX plants the beans in the ground.
  • Return to the first gardener, he will say you need a bucket
You say 'I planted the beans, but they won't grow.'
A gardener says 'Ah, you need to water them that's why.'
A gardener says 'Ask around for a bucket then water the beans.'
  • Return to Veronica's
  • Say Bucket
You say 'bucket'
Veronica says 'You again, and now you want a bucket.'
Veronica says 'Lucky for you, I just happen to have this watering can.'
Veronica says 'But you have to buy it from me!'
  • Buy watering can
  • Return to the garden, the gardener says:
A gardener says 'Ah, I see you have a watering can, how cute.'
A gardener says 'Now all you have to do is water the beans'
A gardener says 'for two days and they will grow!'
A gardener says 'Make sure you water only when the sun is at its highest.'
  • At noon for 2 days hold the watering can and type water. After the second day a huge beanstalk will grow. If you go up the beanstalk it will take you to Chakkor fountain.
*** A magical giant beanstalk sprouts before your eyes! ***
  • Return to the gardener, he will give you some seeds to plant.
A gardener looks up into the sky.
A gardener says 'Hmm, I see you have managed to grow the beanstalk.'
A gardener says 'You must be a great gardener to have done that!'
A gardener says 'Here, take these special seeds.'
A gardener gives you A small seed.
A gardener says 'See if you can find a good spot to plant them in.'
  • Go to the southwest corner of the garden
  • 'Plant' the seeds
You plant the seeds into the ground.  Now you need fertilizer.
  • Go to the gardener
  • Say Fertilizer
You say 'Fertilizer'
A gardener says 'Hmm, I suppose you will need some fertilizer for the seeds.'
A gardener says 'I'm afraid I'm all out, but do ask around and see if you'
A gardener says 'can find some.'
  • Go to Tenticle Tim's
  • Say Fertilizer
You say 'Fertilizer'
Tentacle Tim says 'Ah, I have just what you need!'
Tentacle Tim says 'Here, take this bucket of rotten squid!'
Tentacle Tim gives you a bucket of dead rotten squid..
Tentacle Tim says 'If you don't know how to use it, ask one of the gardeners
about it.'
  • Return to the gardener
  • Say Squid
A gardener says 'Ah, I see you have a bucket of dead rotten squid!'
A gardener says 'That stuff is good fertilizer.  All you have to do is'
A gardener says 'hold the bucket over what you want to fertilize, and'
A gardener says 'it will automatically fertilize the plants.'
A gardener says 'It only works on a rainy day however, but a few hours'
A gardener says 'of fertilization should be enough to grow your plants!'
  • Go to the southwest corner of the garden and hold the squid. After awhile a plant will grow.
>XXXXXXXX uses the bucket and fertilizes the seeds!

A small seedling has grown here.
  • Now you need it to rain. The easiest way if to have an Elementalist with you to cast control weather.
  • Once it rains for a few ticks the plant will be ready to harvest.
The seedling grows a little more!

A large plant has grown here.
  • Type harvest then go to the clothing shop in town.
XXXXXXXX harvests the strange plant.
  • Give the plant to Elistan. She will make the hemp belt.
Elistan the weever says 'What a strange plant you have there.'
Elistan the weever says 'If you want, I can perhaps make something out of its leaves.'
You give a large plant to Elistan the weever.
Elistan carefully cuts the leaves of the strange plant.
Elistan weaves the resulting plant matter into a fine belt!
Elistan the weever says 'There, all finished.'
Elistan the weever says 'You may purchase this fine creation of mine now!'
  • Buy belt
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