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The Hermits House

(White Aura) An old hermit sits here looking out the window.
Old Hermit says 'Hello Cola, can you help me with a small errand?'
Old Hermit says 'You will be rewarded for it.'

You say 'yes'
Old Hermit says 'Good, I need a residence pass.'
Old Hermit says 'I believe Steve either has one or knows where to get one.'
Old Hermit says 'I will reward you when I get me one.'
You say 'residence pass'
The army man says 'Yeah, I know something about them, I used to sell '
The army man says 'them to citizens in the area so they could live in'
The army man says 'this fair city, but I no longer have any.  If you '
The army man says 'go around and find some citizens, they might have '
The army man says 'them, but will put up a fight in the process.'
The Resident's Pass falls out onto the floor.
Old Hermit says 'Have you found a residence pass yet? '
You say 'yes'
Old Hermit says 'Good, let me have it please.'
You give The Resident's Pass to Old Hermit.
Old Hermit says 'Thank you, but I am going to have to kill you now.'
Old Hermit says 'No one can know my true plan!'
Old Hermit says 'Goodbye!'
Old Hermit trips you and you go down!
Old Hermit hits you for 146hp.
  • Equipment is invisible and is dropped on the ground.
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