QUEST:Ivy Necklace quest

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(White Aura) The old Hierophant of the holy grove is here, gathering ivy.
The Hierophant says 'Greetings friend, would you care to help me?'
  • Say yes
You say 'yes'
The Hierophant says 'I need some ivy to make one of my potions.'
The Hierophant says 'Bring me some ivy, and I'll reward you.'
  • Return to the fountain. Then go e, e.
  • get ivy ivy
You get some ivy from a patch of ivy.
  • Return to the Hierophant. He will automatically speak to you.
The Hierophant says 'I see you found some ivy!'
The Hierophant says 'May I have it please?'
  • give ivy hierophant
You give some ivy to The Hierophant.
The Hierophant says 'Thank you for your help.'
The Hierophant says 'Please take this as a reward.'
The Hierophant ties some of the ivy together.
The Hierophant gives you a small necklace made of ivy.
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