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  • Notes:
    • You have to be 91-95 (preferably 95)
    • The questor does not need to make the final kill



  • Go to Imposeter's Jewelry (from entrance 6n, 4w, n, e)
Imposter tells you 'You look like an adventurer.'
Imposter tells you 'Would you like to go on a quest for me?'
Imposter tells you 'I'll pay you handsomely after you complete it.'
  • say yes
Imposter tells you 'I'm looking for a very unique diamond.'
Imposter tells you 'It's lost somewhere in the old city, when the city was destroyed.'
Imposter tells you 'It's been so long now, I don't know where to start.'
Imposter tells you 'There had been many mission, but all has failed.'
Imposter tells you 'Not to discourage you or anything,'
Imposter tells you 'but I have a feeling you will succeed.'
Imposter tells you 'I guess you must be on your way now, g'luck.'
  • Go to Guide Shop (w, 3s)
  • Buy rope
  • Go to boulder (2n, 4e, 3n)
  • Type: climb
  • Find the sprite in one of the wells
    • Wells are located throughout this area
    • Aggressive mobs - make sure you are invisible
    • Stay out of caves
  • Type: climb
  • Say: diamond (keep saying until you get a question to answer "ghost" to. Should be obvious)
A sprite grins evilly at you with a twinkle in his eyes.
A sprite tells you 'I see that you're looking for the diamond.'
A sprite tells you 'Well, i'll give you a diamond if you can answer this
A sprite tells you 'What is not alive but still is?'
  • Say: ghost
A sprite tells you 'How did you guess?'
A sprite tells you 'Well, I guess you win, here's your prize.'
A sprite gives you a diamond.
The sprite flew away, looking very angry that you solve his puzzle.
  • Type: climb
  • Return to the large boulder (3s, 7w)
  • Type: climb
  • Go back to the Jewelers (3s, 4w, n, e)
Imposter tells you 'I see you have found the diamond.'
Imposter tells you 'Now give it to me.'
  • Give diamond to Imposter (he will give you a diamond/gem back)
Imposter eyes gleam when he saw the diamond.
As soon as he got the diamond, he headed toward the backroom.
A few minutes later, he return with a smaller diamond in his hand.

Imposter says 'I went to the back to cut the gem. This is a piece of it.'
Imposter says 'As for your payment, I give you this gem.'
Imposter gives you a diamond.
  • Go back to the Guide (w, 3s)
A guide tells you 'Where did you find that diamond?'
A guide tells you 'I haven't seen one like that in a long time.'
A guide tells you 'You're telling me the jeweler gave it to you?'
A guide tells you 'You might as well know, the diamond contains a very'
A guide tells you 'powerful magic. It is said that it can replenish your magic'
A guide tells you 'by zapping your vitality.'
A guide tells you 'If you want to know how to activate it, you'll have to do'
A guide tells you 'one thing for me. You'll have to kill the chieftain.'
A guide tells you 'Go see the trainer, he knows a way in to see the chieftain.'
A guide tells you 'Tell him, "He sent me."'
  • Go to the Trainer (2n, 6e, 3n, w)
  • Say: He sent me
Shaka The Warrior tells you 'So you wants to know how to get in to see the chieftain.'
Shaka The Warrior tells you 'Well, I owe him a favor, so I'll help you this one time.'
Shaka The Warrior tells you 'Go to the entrance before the throne room and'
Shaka The Warrior tells you 'say 'I'm here to see the chieftain'.'
  • Go to the Chieftain (e, 3s, 2w, 3s, 3w)
  • Say: I'm here to see the chieftain.
    • Make sure to be following the person who wants to see the Chieftain.
    • A door will open and you will move into the room with the Chieftain automatically.
    • The Chieftain will attack you automatically.
    • (My Note: I was able to kill with a 10/85 Ran/Rog, 95 Ran, 10/71 Ran/Rog, 40/55 Nec/Ele, 95 Cle easily. AQ Fireball, AQ Soothing Touch)
A guard says 'You may pass.'
A door opens up and you are usher in.

Throne Room
E-Entrance To The T 
This is where the Chieftain presides over his subject. You see him starring at
you from his throne. You wonder if you made a mistake coming into here. But
too late...he motion for you to step forward.
(White Aura) The chieftain is here sitting upon his throne.
Chieftain says 'Welcome to my wonderful city, is there anything I can help you with?'
Chieftain says 'Welcome to my wonderful city, is there anything I can help you with?'
Chieftain says 'I see that you been with my enemy, now prepare to die!'
  • Take the items that spill on to the floor. Anyone can kill the Chieftain.
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