QUEST:Quarterstaff quest

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  • Notes:


level 90, weapon
-20 ac, -50 hp
cannot be disarmed

Fruit Picker

Apple Corer


  1. find the elder woman in Order's domain
  2. Say 'Yes'
  3. Find the boy (he has sanc) (all the way west, then a couple south)
  4. Say 'Go home'
  5. Return to woman and she spams you about a quarterstaff
  6. Go to blacksmith
  7. Say 'Quarterstaff'
  8. Say 'Help' or 'Yes'
  9. Bring plans to baker (north)
  10. Give plans baker
  11. Say 'Yes'
  12. Return to blacksmith
  13. Say 'Build it'
  14. Go to Heather in Gypsy Camp
  15. Wait for her to spam
  16. Her father will appear
  17. When her father leaves, smile Heather
  18. Search around area until you find the leather
  19. Get leather
  20. Go to her father
  21. Say 'Yes'
  22. He will ask you about the leather
  23. Give leather Jonathon
  24. Return to blacksmith with the leather
  25. Give leather blacksmith
  26. Go to baker (north)
  27. Give fruit picker baker
  28. Say 'Yes' or buy fruit picker
  29. Hold fruit picker
  30. Have an Ele go with you to the apple tree
  31. Cast 'control weather worse' a few times until you can 'harvest' an apple
  32. Get apple
  33. Return to blacksmith
  34. Return to Jonathon
  35. Give plans Jonathon
  36. Go to elder
  37. Spit elder
  38. Kill elder
  39. Get quarterstaff
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