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Equipment: Ruby Disk
Area: Atlantis
Quest Level: 65
    * N/A
Directions to start of quest:
    * Go to Atlantis. (You need to gate/rift/teleport to get there)
    * N/A
2. Find the Duct Tape within the Maze or steal it from the Maintanance Worker.
3. Take the Duct Tape to the Maintanance Worker in the NW Corner of Atlantis up the Pillar.
4. Give Duct Tape to Maintanance Worker.
5. Find Prince Arcus's Chambers.
6. Say 'Mario sent me'
7. The Prince will teleport you to the Gladiator Pit.
8. Kill the Gladiator.
9. The Gladiator will drop Neptunes Trident, Bloody Disk, and the Brass Knuckles.
10. After Defeating him go back to prince. You will need PASS DOOR to go back to the Prince.
11. You need to go to the Prince's Private Healer. 
12. You will need PASS DOOR to get there. He is Down, East, Down, and then follow the passage.
13. Give the Bloody Disk to him.
14. He in turn will give you the Ruby Disk.
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