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Each class received different set of equipment:

  • Rangers: vest,ring,helmet,cloak,collar,leggings,boots,gloves,sleeves,shield,,robe,belt
  • Rogues:

  • a sheepskin - Level 13, body, +2 DAM, +2 HIT, + 2 INT


  • Speak with The Secretary to start the quest.
  • From the fountain, go s, s, w, n, e, e
  • say graduate
The Secretary says 'So, I hear you want to graduate.'
You say 'graduate'
The Secretary says 'In order to graduate, I need all of your grades.'
  • say grades
You say 'grades'
The Secretary smiles happily.
The Secretary says 'I am lacking only your necromancy grade.'
The Secretary says 'Get the professor to give you a grade report and bring it back.'
  • Go w, w, s, e, n, n, w, n, w then get 'Ethereal travel' (find scrolls in classrooms), continue n, n, e
  • Now you require 'Astral travel', s, e, 2u, n
A professor of the necromancy lectures here.
The professor of necromancy screams at you! That's not nice! *sniff*
The professor says 'WOW! The first time you have shown up for class all year!'
The teacher calms herself.
The professor says 'Now, I know why you are here.'
The professor says 'But first, you must answer correctly this question:'
The professor says 'What is the name of the ruler of a public university?'
  • say president
You say 'president'
The professor says 'Very good.'
The professor says 'You have passed your final test.'
The professor of necromancy gives you the grade report.
The professor says 'Here is your grade report.'
You give the grade report to The Secretary.
The Secretary tells you 'Thank you.'
The registrar turns and fills out a transcript.
The Secretary gives you the transcript.
The Secretary tells you 'Good, now that part of my job is finished.'
The Secretary tells you 'Ok, now you need to go see the Dean.'
She starts to turn around but then looks back.
The Secretary tells you 'Go on, go to the Dean's office!'
The Secretary tells you 'Knock before you enter, though.....'
The Secretary tells you 'He wont answer you if you dont.'
  • Go to the Dean's office. Go 4w Type knock to gain access to his room
(White Aura) The dean of your major sits here and wants to discuss your graduation.
You say 'Hello'
The Dean says 'Well, well, well.'
The Dean chuckles politely.
The Dean says 'So you are ready to graduate, eh?'
The Dean looks at you quizically.
The Dean says 'I assume you have your transcript?'
You give the transcript to The Dean.
The Dean looks over your transcript.
The Dean says 'You have completed your requirements for graduation.'
The Dean says 'However, I do not have the authority to give you your diploma.'
The Dean says 'Go speak to the chancellor, and he will give it to you.'
The Dean reaches for the phone.
The Dean says 'I will phone the Chancellor and let him know you are on your way over.'
The Dean says 'Before you go, I can do one thing for you.'
The Dean lifts his hands and a bright light glows.
  • He moves you back to the room where you typed knock.
  • Visit The Chancellor. Go e, e, n
(Translucent) (White Aura) The chancellor sits here, in all his glory.
As you enter the room, the Chancellor looks up.
The Chancellor smiles at you.
The Chancellor says 'Welcome, Levinta!'
The Chancellor says 'So glad you could visit.'
The Chancellor says 'The Dean said you were on your way.'
Turning to his desk, the Chancellor looks for your diploma.
The Chancellor gives you a sheepskin.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue ring.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue cloak.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue collar.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue helmet.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue leggings.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue boots.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue gloves.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue sleeves.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue shield.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue robe.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue belt.
The Chancellor gives you a training issue vest.
The Chancellor says 'Here you go, one bonafide diploma and graduation gear.'
The Chancellor shakes your hand.
The Chancellor says 'Congratulations!'
The Chancellor shouts 'XXXXXXXX is now a graduate of the University of Mortal Realms!'
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