QUEST:Shiny ring quest

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Go e, e, e, e, e, e, s, e, travel north, n. You are now at the Entrance to Tanglewood.

Go n, n, n, open door.

The little girl says 'The monster under my bed stole my teddybear!'
The little girl says 'I miss my teddybear'
The little girl sniffs sadly.

Go down and kill the monster under the bed. He will drop the Teddybear. Return to the little girl.

give teddybear girl

"The little girl says 'oh thank you!'"
"The little girl smiles happily."
"The little girl hugs you tightly."
"The little girl gives you a shiny ring."

This ring can be got by a higher level character and given to any player since it is not auto engrave.
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