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  • Notes:
    • This is a once per reinc quest, and can only be done if you are below level 30



  • From the Griffon in Antarctica, go d, n, open secret-door, d, d, d, w, w, n, n, n, n, n, (pass door) n, n, w.
The Snow Queens beckons you over.
the Snow Queen says 'You will be my servant until I no longer'
the Snow Queen says 'have need of you.  To start with, A remoraz'
the Snow Queen says 'has mistakenly taken my furnace as a mate.'
the Snow Queen says 'Get rid of it for me!'
  • Go to Remoraz, but spell up before entering his room, he is aggro. When he dies, he transports you to another room that is underwater... so either have Breathe Water on, or get ready to leave the room fast! Go e, e, w, s, s, w.
A Remoraz is DEAD!!
The ice beneath the Remoraz melts as its superheated back touches it.
You plunge under the icy water!
the Snow Queen says 'I guess you did your job, but why are you wet?'
the Snow Queen says 'Don't you know you can die like that in this cold?'
the Snow Queen says 'Anyway, the master herbal has something for me.'
the Snow Queen says 'Go get it, quickly!'
  • Go to the Master Herbalist. Go e, e, w, s, s, s, s, s, n, open door, e.
The master herbal is playing with her mints.
the master herbal says 'Yes i have what the Snow Queen wants, wait here.'
The master herbal leaves and returns carrying something.
The master herbal gives you a mint.
the master herbal says 'Here you go, I would hurry back if i were you.'
  • Return to The Snow Queen and give her the mint. Go w, n, n, n, n, (pass door) n, n, w.
  • give mint queen.
You give a mint to the Snow Queen.
The queen pops the mint into her mouth.
the Snow Queen says 'Good, now my pets need feeding'
The Snow Queen gestures and a gnome is brought in.
a scared gnome says 'I will not go easily!'
  • Spell up and kill the gnome.
A scared gnome is DEAD!!
You see no corpse here.
You can't find it.
the Snow Queen says 'Excellent!'
The Snow Queen grins wickedly.
the Snow Queen says 'Now take that and feed my pet white!'
  • get dead gnome
  • Go to the White Dragon. Go e, e, w, s, s, s, s, s, e, e, e, e, n, n, n, n, open door, n. Before you give the gnome to the dragon, make sure you spell up... he will attack you.
You give a dead gnome to the white dragon.
The dragon quickly devours the dead gnome.
The dragon looks at you with hungry eyes.
The white dragon is DEAD!!
Maybe the dead gnome in its belly slowed it down.
The white dragon turns to dust.
  • Go back to The Snow Queen. When you return she will attack you, so make sure you are prepared. Go s, open sliding-door, s, s, s, w, w, w, w, n, n, n, n, n, (pass door), n, n, w.
the Snow Queen says 'You killed my pet!'
the Snow Queen says 'You will pay for that!'
The Snow Queen is DEAD!!
The Snow Queen's scream shakes the chamber
  • The items all drop to the floor, and are all auto-engrave.
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