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  • Go to Ssab, he is in underwater area, which can be found in south-east corner
  • You will need breath water and pass a small maze, you should look for exit down in the maze, thats another small area with fish, and Ssab is again in south-east corner can be reached through some tunnel
Ssab says 'Hello XXXXXXXX, how may I help you?'

You say 'leader'

Ssab says 'Yes, I am the leader of this great lake.'
Ssab says 'How did you get here anyway?'
Ssab says 'I haven't seen a land-dweller in a long time.'
Ssab says 'Oh, I have a favor to ask you!'
Ssab pauses for a moment and ponders.
Ssab says 'I need you to help me.'
Ssab says 'We must stop the fishermen from catching my subjects.'
Ssab says 'Can you help me?'

You say 'yes'

Ssab gasps in astonishment.
Ssab says 'GREAT! I believe one of the ducks can help me with this also.'
Ssab says 'Tell their leader I sent you to act against the fishermen.'
Ssab says 'Return with news of the ducks, I hope they will help me.'
Ssab says 'Oh, and by the way, I can never tell out which duck is the leader.'
Ssab says 'You will have to talk to all of them.'
Ssab says 'Thank you very much.'
  • Go to any duck, and keep saying the phrase till it responds
You say 'Ssab sent me to act against the fishermen.'

The duck says 'Good, good... I have been wanting to do this for a long time.'
The duck says 'You may return to him with my help only if you help me first.'
The duck says 'We ducks are sick of eating bread from the land-dwellers.'
The duck says 'I would like to taste meat.  A store on shore sells chicken.'
The duck says 'Please bring me some.'
  • Buy whole chicken and give to any duck
You give A Whole Chicken to the [[MOB:duck|duck]].

The duck says 'Hmm... this looks good.  You brought me what I wanted.'
The duck takes a bite and concentrates on it for a minute.
The duck becomes disgusted and spits out the chicken.
The duck says 'Wow... I was expecting better.  That tasted very bad.'
The duck says 'Oh well, a promise is a promise.'
The duck says 'Go back to Ssab and tell him that we will join him.'
You say 'The ducks will join you.'

Ssab says 'Good, now we need to find the best fishermen in the area.'
Ssab says 'Ask some land-dwellers who the best fisherman is.'
Ssab says 'Maybe they will tell you.'
Ssab says 'When you know who it is tell me their name.'
Ssab says 'I will be waiting.'
You say 'Who is the best fisherman?'

The army man says 'Why that is an easy question.'
The army man says 'The best fisherman in town has to be the hermit.'
The army man says 'He has to fish to keep himself fed.'
The army man says 'Although, he has been suspected of stealing chickens.'
You say 'The Hermit'

Ssab gasps in astonishment.
Ssab says 'That is what I suspected.'
Ssab says 'He and I have been enemies for a very long time.'
Ssab says 'He used to be a duck a long time ago.'
Ssab says 'He attacked my subjects for their meat.'
Ssab says 'One day an illusionist saw these violent attacks.'
Ssab says 'The illusionist promised to help me, and he did.'
Ssab says 'He turned the hermit into a human so it would be harder'
Ssab says 'for him to come into the water and attack my kingdom.'
Ssab pauses for a second and cringes as he remembers the deaths.
Ssab says 'I cannot defeat him.'
Ssab says 'The hermit, even though he is human, is still very strong,'
Ssab says 'maybe even stronger than when he was a duck.'
Ssab says 'Go tell the ducks that the plan is canceled.'
Ssab says 'There is nothing we can do but pray.'
You say 'The plan is canceled.'

The duck says 'Why?'
The duck says 'Did Ssab send this message?'
The duck says 'He must have.'
The duck ponders for a moment.
The duck says 'Hmm... It must be the hermit.'
The duck says 'He is the only person strong enough to defeat Ssab.'
The duck says 'Thank you for your help.'
The duck says 'Tell Ssab the ducks agree.'
You say 'The ducks agree.'

Ssab says 'I figured they would.'
Ssab sighs loudly.
Ssab says 'No one has ever been able to defeat the hermit.'
Ssab says 'Hmm... I haven't seen your power.'
Ssab says 'Do you think you can defeat him?'
Ssab says 'Let's find out, ready?'

You say 'ready'
Ssab says 'Good, here goes nothing.'
  • After you will say that you're ready Ssab will attack you, and will keep fighing till aprox 50% of his HP, he is hard
Ssab says 'You are very good.'
Ssab says 'Would you be interested in trying to defeat the hermit?'

You say 'I am interested.'

Ssab says 'Great!'
Ssab says 'I will reward you greatly when you have defeated him.'
Ssab says 'Thank you very much!'
  • Go to Hermit and kill him, quester needs the last hit.
Old Hermit gasps for air.
Old Hermit says 'No, I am defeated.'
Old Hermit says 'Ssab will finally get his peace.'
Old Hermit says 'Some day I will return!'
Old Hermit says 'When I do, he will be a dead fish!'
Old Hermit shouts 'I HATE YOU SSAB!'
Old Hermit falls to the ground, lifeless.
The Hermit's body vanishes in a flash of red light.
Ssab says 'I will be forever grateful to you!'
Ssab says 'You will be remembered by ducks and fish for eternity.'
Ssab says 'Here is your reward.'
Ssab gives you Ssab's Chest Scale.
Ssab gives you Ssab's Back Scale.
Ssab says 'And I found this in the water the other day... '
Ssab says 'Thought you land-dwellers used it for something.'
Ssab gives you A Ball of Lint.
Ssab says 'May god bless your soul for the rest of eternity.'
Ssab says 'Thank you.'
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