QUEST:Steel Studded Equipment quest

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the king of Sarglam says 'Brrr!  Surely you have come to rid'
the king of Sarglam says 'us of this beast that plagues our streets.'
  • say yes
The king of Sarglam smiles at you.
the king of Sarglam says 'Talk to the armorer for more information'
the king of Sarglam says 'on how you can find and kill this beast.'
  • Go visit the Armorer. Go s, s, e, e.
a Sarglam armorer says 'You come to hear about the beast?'
a Sarglam armorer says 'Well, I can tell you that it is often seen in the'
a Sarglam armorer says 'dark alleys of Sarglam.  I understand however that'
a Sarglam armorer says 'normal weapons do not harm it.  You may wish to talk'
a Sarglam armorer says 'the weaponsmith about one that will.'
  • Next go to the Weaponsmith. Go w, w, w, w.
a Sarglam weaponsmith says 'Welcome to my humble shop.'
a Sarglam weaponsmith says 'Feel free to look around.'
a Sarglam weaponsmith says 'Sure I can help you with a weapon against'
a Sarglam weaponsmith says 'this beast.  Just buy this etched knife.'
  • buy etched
  • wear etched
  • Go to the room directly north of the Dark Alley. And wait until it gets dark. Go e, e, s, e, s. When it gets dark (after 8pm), go s (make sure you are wearing the etched knife). The questing player must get the killing blow.
A wererat growls at you.  Hey, two can play it that way!
  • kill wererat
A wererat is DEAD!!
The wererat dies as you thrust your knife into its heart.
A wererat turns to dust.
  • Return to the King for your reward. Go n, n, w, n, n, n.
the king of Sarglam says 'Thank you Brrr, for ridding our city of that foul
the king of Sarglam says 'Take these in thanks.'
  • The King drops all the items.
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