QUEST:The black dagger quest

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  • Need: Invis
  • Directions to start of quest:
    • Go to safe square.
    • Go to Serem's House (2s,w,n,d)



  • At 12 am, be invis and go Serem's Workroom
A wizard's apprentice is here learning spells.
You are amazed at your luck as Serem begins to teach his
Apprentice the secret of the athame.
Serem says 'You must have a place where you will be uninterupted.'
Serem says 'You need a fine silver dagger with no imperfections.'
Serem explains to his apprentice how to CLEAN the dagger to get
It ready for the ritual.
Serem says 'We will continue with the lesson tomorrow night.  '
  • go u,d (as quick as you can when he gives that last say)
A wizard's apprentice is here learning spells.
You settle down to watch Serem at his instruction.
This part of the ritual involves lighting a candle and
The gestures involved in the second stage, including how
To DRAW on the candles with dragon's blood.
Serem says 'Once you are holding the dagger and have lit the candle, you'
Serem says 'recite the final verbal part of the ritual, but that will have'
Serem says 'to wait until tomorrow night'
  • go u,d (as quick as you can when he gives that last say)
A wizard's apprentice is here learning spells.
Serem reviews the ritual with his apprentice before teaching
Her the final words that she must speak.
Serem says 'falkmun awoglik olbaird varerel'
You watch as the apprentice goes through the entire ritual.
As the apprentice finishes the ritual the dagger begins to glow.
Serem the Wise glances up as his apprentice finishes
Creating her athame and sees you.
Serem says 'You will die for daring to learn the secrets of'
Serem says 'the Wizard's Guild.'
a Recruiter says 'Experienced dragon hunters wanted!'
a Recruiter says 'Sign up here!'
  • Say 'sign up'
You say 'sign up'
a Recruiter mutters 'finally!'
a Recruiter says 'A dragon has been rampaging and destroying crops and'
a Recruiter says 'livestock in the vicinity of Akalla of the Diamond.  A
a Recruiter says 'dragon slayer is wanted to track down and destroy the beast.'
a Recruiter says 'I will pay you 2 million gold coins if on delivery of proof'
a Recruiter says 'of a dead dragon.'
  • Go to dragon
  • Kill dragon (last hit on questor)
  • You get blood and head automaticaly
  • Go to inn (from square: 3w,n)
Tobas says 'Greetings stranger!'
Tobas says 'I rent a room upstairs if you are interested.'
Tobas says 'For 5,000 gold coins, I can make sure nobody bothers you.'
  • give 5000 coins Tobas, u
You give Tobas 5000 gold coins.
Tobas says 'The room upstairs is all yours.'
Tobas says 'I will see to it that you are not disturbed.'
  • rest
  • wield dagger
  • hold candle
  • clean dagger
  • draw candle
You draw on the candle with dragon's blood.
  • say falkmun awoglik olbaird varerel
You say 'falkmun awoglik olbaird varerel'
As you finish the final words to the ritual, you know something
has gone wrong.  The dagger is not glowing as the apprentice's
did, but instead has gone completely black absorbing all light.
You wonder what could have gone wrong.
  • You now have the Black Dagger
  • Go back to the recruiter and give him the Dragon Head. He will give you a diamond necklace and a diamond bracelet.
You give a Dragon's Head to a Recruiter.
a Recruiter says 'You have indeed slain the dragon.  Here is the pay you were
A Recruiter gives you a diamond bracelet.
A Recruiter gives you a diamond necklace.
A Recruiter smirks.
a Recruiter says 'There you go.  2 million gold worth.'
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