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Syntax: cast demon
Syntax: cast shade
Syntax: cast beast
Syntax: cast phantasm

  These spells create different types of creatures that can be controlled
  by the caster.  Each creature has his own attributes.  You may only have
  1 of any of these creations at a time.

  Shade:         Fairly weak, but is orderable.        1/2 level of caster
  Phantasm:      Hit usually is death, 1 battle.       1/4 level of caster
  Beast:         Strong but fights 1 battle.           2/3 level of caster
  Demon:         Very strong, but may attack caster.   3/4 level of caster

  Note: A demon will be 4/3 the level of the caster if the demon spell
  fails (approximate chances of failure are 1:3).

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